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Nice watch for a girl teen?

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HeyMacWey Thu 25-Feb-16 13:54:56

No idea what is fashionable watchwise for teens.
Thinking about getting DD a nice watch for her 13th birthday.
Are ice watches still fashionable?
Any recommendations greatly appreciated grin

Seriouslyffs Thu 25-Feb-16 13:55:48

How much do you want to spend?

HeyMacWey Thu 25-Feb-16 14:09:41

Probably up to about £80?

CakeThat Thu 25-Feb-16 14:45:38

House of Fraser have some nice watches on their website, I think anything rose gold is popular with teens.

skippy67 Thu 25-Feb-16 14:46:22

My Dd 15 recently bought the Marcia Jacobs Amy watch with her birthday money. Can't link cos my phone is playing up at the moment. She got it in the silver colour.

skippy67 Thu 25-Feb-16 14:46:45

skippy67 Thu 25-Feb-16 14:47:51

Marc Jacobs not Marcia!

cissyfuss Thu 25-Feb-16 16:47:46


I agree rose gold is in at the mo but can look quite 'blingy'... maybe that's what she'd like tho...

Here's a more tamed down version:

I also like the Orla Kiely watches... grown up but fun and cute, if she's a 'younger' 13 (I think they come in fab cases too!)

Hope she likes whatever you choose...

HeyMacWey Thu 25-Feb-16 18:00:26

Thanks - she's quite thin wristed so will get her a strap one as she'll get a better fit.
I like the look of the Orla kiel ones as they're a lot less blingy. She doesn't like anything too stand out-ish.

MissTurnstiles Fri 26-Feb-16 00:03:06

Olivia Burton.

MissTurnstiles Fri 26-Feb-16 00:05:59

Argh, hit enter too soon.

Meant to add that I have an Olivia Burton which is loudly coveted by the year 9 and 10 girls whom I teach.

Behooven Fri 26-Feb-16 00:07:34

I don't know how much they cost but it's rose gold Michael Kors that's all the rage here.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 26-Feb-16 00:13:44

Lots were £300 before Xmas - now around £100 on Amazon

bbpp Fri 26-Feb-16 00:19:14

I second Olivia Burton, they're lovely and a nice price for a teen.

Link, another link for some different versions.

Leather strap, grey, rose gold, dusty pink, gold colours are 'in'. Obviously up to your DD's individual tastes though.

HeyMacWey Fri 26-Feb-16 07:16:07

The Olivia Burton ones are perfect - thank you.

superbfairywren Fri 26-Feb-16 10:05:23

I am nearing 30 and tried some of the Olivia Burton ones on at Christmas in John Lewis. I would definitely recommend them for a teen, felt too young for me and more of a fashion watch but we're really quite lovely. I ended up with a fossil watch.
When I was 18 my mum bought me a timberland simple leather strap watch and it is still going strong(been through lots of straps though), if I hadn't fancied something new I would still be wearing it. Really great watch!

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