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Are Victoria Beckham jeans any good?

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HooseRice Wed 24-Feb-16 21:13:36

My bright blue skinnies are nearing their end. They, according to the label, were from Tu so probs cost in the region of a tenner. They're so old I have no memory of buying them. I will mourn their passing, however.

Tonight in TK Maxx a pair of bright blue skinnies in just the right hue and size caught my eye. Expecting them to be £14.99 like everything else on the rail I grabbed them. They were £79.99 though (rrp £179). I dropped them with haste.

Now I'm home I'm thinking maybe I should have gone for it. The guts of 80 quid for jeans though? Should I go ahead or not? The colour was perfect.

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