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Where to buy slim jeans & chinos W32/L35 for tall, thin DS?

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OverTheHill50 Wed 24-Feb-16 14:59:54

I have drawn a blank.
DS2 is now 6ft 3in and needs 32XL size trousers - so waist 32" and inside leg 35/36"

I can't find anything anywhere in the shops and even stuff online is pretty limited/hard to find.

Someone with tall thin teens please help me!!

Roseformeplease Wed 24-Feb-16 15:02:09

Levi's (very expensive) have these sizes but they are expensive. We tend to go into the shop and find out size and then buy them from ebay or Amazon have them too. DS is 6ft 3 and a size 28 waist (like a string bean) and these are the only ones he can find.

The other option is High and Mighty (online and in shops) but they are less fashionable so might not be so welcome.

yearofthehorse Wed 24-Feb-16 15:04:03

Primark sometimes have them.

gegs73 Wed 24-Feb-16 15:07:06

DH is considerably fatter but has similar length legs. He has trousers/jeans from H&M, Gap and also M&S online in the past. Occasional pair from Primark. High and Mighty online though sometimes they can be too long.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 24-Feb-16 15:08:42

I've never seen that length in Primark myself but I do buy my skinny teens trousers there
He's a 26" waist so has to settle for a 28" and tuck in.
He's in the 32" leg but..............not much longer. (5'10" and growing)

I'm always on the look out for skinny boy clothes.

Have you tried GAP?

gegs73 Wed 24-Feb-16 15:16:18

Next online do an XL length which is 35 inches and XXL which is 37, lots of small waist sizes. (Have this to look forward to in a few years with DS2 as he is looking like he is going to be as tall as his Dad).

OverTheHill50 Wed 24-Feb-16 15:30:30

Roseforme - gosh he must be tall and thin. DS was like that for a while but has filled out slightly.

The problem is that the longer lengths often seem to start with a bigger waist i.e. 34.

gegs - I searched Next online in men's trousers and 32XL was 'not found' (but there were 244 results for 34XL)

I was in Primark today, but their longest appears to be 34in?

JemimaMuddledUp Wed 24-Feb-16 15:33:56

I was going to suggest Next. My skinny long legged 13yo has W26/L32 from there, I have looked into leg lengths in preparation as he is getting rapidly taller! They seem to go up to a 37" leg.

nancy75 Wed 24-Feb-16 15:35:39

Levi do 28w 36l in most men's styles, they don't always have them in stock but should be able to get them for you

OverTheHill50 Wed 24-Feb-16 15:47:44

Looks like Next have longer lengths in jeans, but not chinos online....
Have just found some 32XL jeans....

gegs73 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:16:46

If you look at Mens, Big and Tall on the M&S website at 'Cotton Rich Super Lightweight Chinos' some in his size there. Don't know if they are the right kind of thing.

gegs73 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:25:28

Also Gap online, The Slim Shop: Trousers. There is a tall option in sizes and you can get 32w and 36l. Have spent many a year looking at this stuff for DH grin

OverTheHill50 Wed 24-Feb-16 18:04:21

Thanks gegs! star

herecomesthsun Wed 24-Feb-16 19:15:31

Boden do trousers with unfinished hems.

herecomesthsun Wed 24-Feb-16 19:16:07

they will hem for you to the required length.

Cerseirys Wed 24-Feb-16 19:32:09

My DP is 6'4 and wears a 31-32/36 and buys all his jeans from Nudie as they do extra long leg lengths. Most other jeans companies' idea of tall is a 34 leg. Nudie aren't the cheapest but you can get them on Asos and they are fairly trendy so likely to appeal to a teenage boy.

cressetmama Thu 25-Feb-16 09:41:14

My DS is not as tall but when we bought a new pair of jeans from Uniqlo in his size (apparently identical to the 32" inside leg he has been wearing for 18 months) they turned out to be about five inches too long, so maybe worth ordering a pair to try on?

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