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Dry patches

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Threesocks Wed 24-Feb-16 10:42:56

I have always been really lucky with my skin (combination, no breakouts or dry patches) but since I had my son 5 months ago I have really dry patches on my eyelids and under one eye.

I use super drug hot cloth cleanser and argon oil to moisturise. Has anyone got any suggestions to help these patches improve?


Threesocks Thu 25-Feb-16 08:07:55


happylass Sat 27-Feb-16 08:11:05

You could try Epiderm ointment. Probably best worn at night though as it is very greasy.

Nettletheelf Sat 27-Feb-16 08:37:08

I've started getting dry patches on my eyelids. I don't have a five month old son, but I started a very demanding job last year. I think it's tiredness.

Not solved the problem yet, but I've been trying using my acid toner on the dry bits, to exfoliate it a bit, and moisturising afterwards.

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