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Gap real straight jeans or something similar?

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TooTiredToArgue Tue 23-Feb-16 14:43:43

Hi fellow mumsnetters

My favourite pair of Gap Real Straight jeans (about 5 years old) are just starting to wear thin on one of the seams. They are the only jeans that fit me at the moment; they are comfortable and flattering (well, in my eyes anyway!). I am 5 ft 8, size 10 but I certainly don't have thin thighs. Imagine my disappointment when I went into Gap on Sunday to purchase a new pair only to find the fit is slightly different and even less flattering on the thigh area. Such a shame. Has anyone here tried the real straight slim version, which has more stretch in them? Or can recommend a similar style that might suit me. Are Fat Face jeans any good these days?

Thanks, in advance.

TooTiredToArgue Tue 23-Feb-16 21:56:52

Hopeful bump

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 23-Feb-16 22:06:28

Real Straight ones have a different fit for the different washes, the darker ones fit differently than the lighter. It's ridiculous, but true.

The real straight slim have a lot of stretch, they are more like the skinny ones, but feel a bit legging-y.

TooTiredToArgue Tue 23-Feb-16 22:42:29

Ooh, don't like the sound of leggingy. Any good alternatives out there?

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 23-Feb-16 22:56:02

Give them s try, the thing is different washes have amounts of stretch, mine are the. Dark ones.

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