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Is Paula 's choice cheaper in the States

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MamaAwayOnBusiness Mon 22-Feb-16 14:59:49

Need to replenish a few things from PC but thinking I may hold off as I'm going to be in the States in a month. Does anyone know if I can findPC cheaper there?

RayFuckingPurchase Mon 22-Feb-16 16:40:07

Yes but I think it's still sold online only, though I might be wrong. Check out the US version of the website for prices - think it's quite a bit cheaper.

Really wish PC would come to somewhere like John Lewis!

shirkingworking Mon 22-Feb-16 16:50:01

Probably not now the pound has plunged....!

MamaAwayOnBusiness Mon 22-Feb-16 17:30:58

Yes online prices seem much cheaper than here. Alas just double checked, they sell in very few shops like you say, no stockists in Atlanta, which is where I'm going. sad Back to paying through the nose then

RayFuckingPurchase Mon 22-Feb-16 17:36:32

Annoying, isn't it. Is there anyone over there you know well enough to order it for you?

magnoliamom Mon 22-Feb-16 17:47:02

Doesn't Nordstrom carry it? I think I've seen it on their website anyway, perhaps you could find it at a Nordstrom in ATL or order it and collect it from the store?

MamaAwayOnBusiness Mon 22-Feb-16 18:28:29

It's only selected Nordstrom shops that stock it apparently magnolia and none of them in Georgia. I think I'll ask the hotel if they'll accept a delivery for me.

RayFuckingPurchase Mon 22-Feb-16 18:37:32

Magnolia that's good to know, thank you for the tip. I'm often a business trip widow so will submit a shopping list for the next one.

magnoliamom Mon 22-Feb-16 19:06:45

Too bad they don't have it in the store - I have had Nordstrom deliver to hotels when I've been in the US for work, too. Their customer service is generally pretty good. I did order over the phone to make sure that it was all in order though. Good luck, it is frustrating to see how much cheaper it is over there.

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Mon 22-Feb-16 19:18:46

I don't believe it. If it were true shed send screen shots and she'd of known your dhs number straight away she's had to go dig for it.

I think it could be your dhs colleague and his girlfriend both doing it and saying they were contacted too as a cover up because why would he still be friends with that profile had she really messaged all that stuff to his girlfriend. I think she's the one mainly messaging but he knows and provided your dh mobile number.

I'd speak to your husband and reply saying I don't believe you and iv now been I touch with the police who are investigating they have discovered your identity through your ip address and will be in contact soon do not contact me again. Then get your dp to not mention it at all to his colleague and IF he tries to bring it up you can gauge what he asks and he should back up your story if it's them they will shit themselves. However, I do wonder if it is his girlfriend if she's perhaps heard about your dh being unfaithful and wanted notify you without letting on it was her.

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Mon 22-Feb-16 19:20:28

posted on wrong thread have reported and asked to delete

Cerseirys Mon 22-Feb-16 19:40:29

Not only is it cheaper, you can also get products they don't sell here like the skin-lightening lotions with hydroquinone and the vitamin C serum.

Feel Unique have started selling PC now too. They're marginally cheaper than the official site as they don't charge for delivery.

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