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Under-eye corrector/concealer recommendations please

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BritabroadinAsia Mon 22-Feb-16 06:15:28

I'm looking for an alternative concealer to cover hereditary dark circles.

Have been using the older cream formulations in both corrector and concealer from Bobbi Brown. Looked at the newer BB serum formula but reviews on Makeup Alley are lukewarm.

I really like the light peach corrector, but the concealer is not a good skin tone match. I've got Warm Beige, which was matched in store to the BB stick foundation, but what works on the rest of my face is too yellow for the under-eyes AND the cream formulation sits in my many fine lines.

A lot of make up tutorials I seen recommend a much paler shade liquid concealer on top of corrector underneath the eye.

However, as these seem to be exclusively gorgeous young things with no lines and quite heavy foundation I'm not sure they will work as well on a middle aged gimmer who prefers overall lighter coverage.

Any ideas?

BritabroadinAsia Mon 22-Feb-16 12:22:04


conversationdiva Mon 22-Feb-16 12:28:47

I use the Maybelline cover stick concealer and find that's effective for covering dark circles. It's quite thick and gives good coverage.

BritabroadinAsia Mon 22-Feb-16 12:30:26

If it's thick would it settle into 'creases'?

22OntarioStreet Mon 22-Feb-16 12:40:00

I use Make Up Forever ultra HD concealer.

It doesn't crease and they do corrector and brightening/concealing shades - the R colours are pink toned correctors and the Y colours yellow toned brighteners. I use the palest which isn't too yellow for me but there's no rule that says you have to use both if a corrector shade works for you on its own!

mrslebon Mon 22-Feb-16 12:43:35

I've got the BB corrector in bisque but find it too much of a faff to apply that and then the concealer (Sand) over the top. Instead, I use NARS creamy concealer (I have Vanilla which is one of their lighter shades) which is brilliant and I also use the Collection Lasting Perfection one which is cheap as chips but totally does the job.

TapDancingPimp Mon 22-Feb-16 12:43:52

I use Laura Mercier 'Secret Camouflage' - it seems to be an under-eye and 'other problem areas' concealer in one (two different shades).

I'ts a bit pricey but I have to say it lasts ages, and I would use it daily.

conversationdiva Mon 22-Feb-16 13:45:48

I don't think it would settle into creases. Sometimes it does when you first put it on but I blend it with my fingers and it looks fine.

mrsmortis Mon 22-Feb-16 15:31:28

Kevin Aucoin skin perfecter is my go to. It's really opaque. Again not cheap but I reckon I'm still going to be using it in a decade and I wear it every day.

CrossfireHurricane Mon 22-Feb-16 15:37:24

I use benefit erase paste no2.
It doesn't seem to sit in my lines, well I haven't noticed it??

BritabroadinAsia Mon 22-Feb-16 16:08:34

Thanks all.

I don't find the corrector on it's own is enough but am happy to keep on using it underneath. Will check out these recommendations, thanks for the suggestions.

MamaLazarou Mon 22-Feb-16 16:15:27

I love Lancome Long-Lasting Softening concealer. Erase Paste has good coverage but was a bit greasy for me - the Lancome one is more of a cream.

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