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Coconut oil for hair

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seoulsurvivor Mon 22-Feb-16 01:51:20

I know it's probably been done 100 times but I have been using coconut oil recently and wow. I started using it for my scalp which is itchy and dry. It didn't really sort that, but my hair is in great condition.

I have been bleaching it for years and it was so dry and hard to style. I leave coconut oil in overnight, wash it out in the morning (it needs two washes, it's quite stubborn) and left it to dry naturally. I didn't style it but now it's sitting perfectly, looking shiny and soft.

I cannot recommend it enough.

If only something would solve my scalp problems. I have tried every shampo/treatment I can to no avail.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 22-Feb-16 05:42:26

It is also good for treating nits.

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