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Corset - please advise

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AtSea1979 Sun 21-Feb-16 21:10:13

I'm thinking about trying one. Can overweight people wear them? Or does all the fat bulge out the top?!
Can you fasten them yourself? Or is it a two (wo)man job?

amarmai Sun 21-Feb-16 21:28:15

try a front fastening one=no probs

Destinysdaughter Sun 21-Feb-16 23:18:58

To wear underneath your clothes or on it's own? I've got lots of corsets and unless it's a zip at the front, they can be pretty difficult to do up by yourself. Apparently you can do them up at the back by attaching the laces to a door handle and walking forward but I've never tried it myself?

What size are you, OP?

Destinysdaughter Sun 21-Feb-16 23:21:43

This is one of mine

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