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Serum under sun cream ? Sun cream when using Retinol

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de88s Sun 21-Feb-16 20:11:03

I have just bought Indeed Retinol reface. Advice seems to be to use a sun cream daily, so i have bought soltan once face spf 30. Does anyone else use this and can I use a serum under it. Can I ask if any Retinol reface users would be kind enough to tell me which sun cream they use. Trying Retinol reface for wrinkles, might have left it too late as I've hit the big 5 0.

scandichick Sun 21-Feb-16 21:21:24

As long as the serum is fully absorbed it should be fine - just make sure to double-cleanse to get rid of the sunscreen. You buy one product, and then it snowballs from there...

I use Asian sunscreen, it absorbs better than Western versions in my experience. Mine is the Hada Labo one (get it off eBay), but Biore Watery Essence seems very popular too.

de88s Sun 21-Feb-16 21:43:20

Thankyou, will look into both of those. I did notice the sunscreen I bought does seem rather heavy. It has good protection though.

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