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Gucci soho disco vs Mulberry Lily

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Saurus72 Sun 21-Feb-16 19:08:38

I am planning to buy one 'good' handbag this year, and am in no rush. But I do like something to focus research/YouTube/general obsession on.

I'm considering one of these two as a general weekend option that I can use year-round. I have a Mulberry mini Lily which, although it is clearly ridiculous, I LOVE to bits. It is very small though, so a bit limited if I need anything beyond the basics.

Any experiences/opinions on the normal (not the large) Mulberry Lily or the Gucci soho disco would be gratefully received. I'm quite tempted by the gold disco and the red lily, but not set in stone.


Craftycakey15 Sun 21-Feb-16 19:17:38

I don't have one but I would love the Gucci disco soho bag in gold too. I have seen someone wearing it and it looked lovely.

AmberNectarine Sun 21-Feb-16 19:47:01

I have the disco. It's a really good bag, great size for daytime - not as eveningy as the lily, but I think still ok for evening.

The lily, I have heard, is fragile. I know of a few people where the chain strap broke. Beautiful bag though.

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