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Bra help for DD please

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butmumineedit Sun 21-Feb-16 17:25:17

Have finally managed my DD15 to let me measure her as she has been complaining about her bras and she is measuring as a 28 under bust, and 35 when bent over at 90 degrees, please can someone tell what size bras we should be looking at?
Because using the guide I am getting a 28 D/F which cant be right, so should I try her in a 30 C/D.


Balletgirlmum Mon 22-Feb-16 00:22:56

28 F is a starting point but you could try 30 E

Remember a 28f is considerably smaller than say a 36F. In terms of breast volume it's equivalent to a 30e, 32dd, 34d or 36c.

That said teens sometimes get an artificially big cup measurement if their breasts are still quite pointy as they can get the larger measurement at the peak but not enough surrounding tissue to fill the cup.

butmumineedit Mon 22-Feb-16 18:39:49

Thank you , have gone online today and ordered several bras from bravissimo in sizes 28 F and 30 E as suggested, hoping they fit her.

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