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Durable clothes. Where to find them?

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ishallconquerthat Sun 21-Feb-16 14:30:15

I don't like trendy clothes, but end up buying at H&M and such, and after a few washes the clothes look rubbish, but then I keep wearing them for a bit longer (or a lot longer) before ditching them. Result: most of the time I just look scruffy.

Where can I buy clothes that will look ok for longer? I know they won't be as cheap as H&M, but I can't pay too much.

I have a few bamboo tops and dresses that still look good after a few years, so I thought maybe I should buy more bamboo stuff. But where? (my bamboo clothes are all for breastfeeding, and I've worn them every day for years and years. I don't know what are good brands for normal non-bf bamboo stuff.)

Any other ideas, for shops, or fabrics?

dudsville Sun 21-Feb-16 15:42:05

I'm posting to bump you as you'll get some better responses than mine, but for what it's worth, some cheap stuff is really poorly made. Look at the labels to see what the fabric consists of and try to buy things that are mostly natural fabrics. Look at seams, check the fabric isn't too thin for the job it's got to do, I. E. Some items need weight or a good cut to hang properly. Check for things that are lined that is done properly. If you need a better understanding if these things go to a more upmarket shop and have a look at how things are made. Finally, and I might get slated for this, I wash most things on a quick cool wash. They last forever looking new.

OldJoseph Sun 21-Feb-16 16:04:00

I agree, it's partly about looking after your clothes. It's probably no help but since getting my fancy washing machine all our clothes are lasting longer.

I think skirts last longer than trousers or leggings (no knees or elbows to wear out), plus you can buy better brands that are a heavier fabric and lined on ebay for for not much money. Cotton or linen shirts are also good value on ebay, they also last a while.

Jumpers from Woolovers are good value. Acrylic jumpers do last well but they tend to a) make me smellier and b) retain the smell.

Not much made from t-shirt material will last that long, having said that I've never spent much on a t-shirt but if it lasts 2 years I think it's goof value.

chanie44 Sun 21-Feb-16 16:31:30

Buy natural fabrics (eg cotton), wear simple styles and don't tumble dry.

I buy lots from uniqlo and the quality is really good. They aren't high fashion, but the basics are good quality.

Jaimx86 Sun 21-Feb-16 16:34:13

I find Fat Face to last well.

ishallconquerthat Mon 22-Feb-16 13:29:59

Thanks everyone! I usually wash my clothes in a colour cycle at 30 degrees. Is that cold enough or should I go for really cold?

Any other suggestion of brands or shops? Where should I start looking for?

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