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OMG! should probably move to an uninhabited island after this...!

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kansasmum Sat 20-Feb-16 19:07:18

In Jomaman Bebe with my grandson (8 mths) and my friend who is 39. I am 47. Shop assistant expressed surprise I was a granny, said I didn't look old enough ( very nice of her)!
UNTIL she asked if my friend was my daughter!!!! Cue my friend wetting herself laughing and me feeling mortified!!

AnywAy I obviously need total and dramatic makeover! In fact plastic surgery might be needed!
I am a 5'8" and size 18/20 ( so basically fat and wobbly) but working on losing weight via SW.
Good hair, long legs although they're chunky, decent boobs. Dark brown hair and eyes.
Currently style is casual with staples of jeans, top, boots/converse and jacket or Boden type jersey dress tights/leggings and boots.
Having recently started making an effort with make up again but obviously all wrong if look old enough to mother 39 year old sad
I am apple shape with lot of my flab around the bellysad

Any ideas on new look that's reasonable budget would be very welcome.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Sat 20-Feb-16 19:14:59

Does your friend look 39? The shop assistant didn't spontaneously come up with the idea that you were mates' mother - in fact she thought it was impossible that you were the grandmother of a young baby - but then she clearly got confused and could only make her mental arithmetic work out one way. Either your mate looks pretty good for her age or she thought you must logically be a super well preserved fifty-something who looks really young. And if shop assistant is young then she might be rubbish at older people's ages.

Honestly no need for drastic new look unless you actually want to.

Jmangel Sat 20-Feb-16 19:23:58

Aah I wouldn't take it personally - she was probably just looking to make conversation - take the first compliment and run with it.
In terms of style advice, not sure - maybe go for long line tunic jumpers/blouses with skinny/straight jeans, cool Ash Hudson style boots in tan and a nice tan cross body bag - go for luxe fabrics/good quality leathers and then jewellery yourself up - either delicate Anna Lou type style or leather/silver chunky style. Could also add a skinny scarf in silks/velvet. Also consider a leather biker style jacket - maybe not black (drains my face and I'm 43) but maybe a tan or grey? Converse sound fab - also check out Ash virgins/Thelma. As a general rule, I would avoid Boden - imho it's ageing - runs away and hides.

NameAgeLocation Sat 20-Feb-16 19:26:53

I agree. I think I'd feel the same way you do OP but I should imagine that it had much more to do with the shop assistant assuming that your friend was the baby's mother than that she thought you looked old enough to be your friend's mother IYSWIM. I think you threw her by being a grandmother in the first place and after that she didn't know what to think!

LadyPriggsbottom Sat 20-Feb-16 19:36:57

Definitely think you threw her by telling her you are a GM and she didn't know what to think. I'm rubbish at guessing ages. I often got mistaken for my late mum's sister! She was 30 years older than me but did look really good for her age tbf.

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