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Blood or you tube for make up advice in my 40's

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Ratatattat Fri 19-Feb-16 22:39:22

I'm mid 40's and my make up routine is pretty basic. Tinted moisturiser rubbed in with fingers, smear of blusher and lipstick.
I know I would look much better with more and applied better. So for example foundation with a brush.
Most you tubers seem to be aimed at teenagers ( zoella et al). So I'd love to be pointed in the right direction for my age.

Ratatattat Fri 19-Feb-16 22:40:21

That's blog not blood blush ( must preview in future...)

newestbridearound Fri 19-Feb-16 22:46:08

Both Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury have channels on YouTube and are amazing- lots of excellent advice and they do tutorials aimed at different ages, colourings, for various events etc. I'm in my twenties but much prefer them to the younger 'beauty gurus' who seem to offer very little in the way of solid knowledge and advice. With both of them you get a whole lot of experience which is great smile

GreenHamNoeggs Sat 20-Feb-16 07:04:03

Second Lisa Eldridge. She is unbeatable for any age or occasion.

Wolpertinger Sat 20-Feb-16 07:57:26

Lisa Eldridge without a doubt. And as you get older you usually look better with less, not more. More just sits in your wrinkles sad

She often applies hers with fingers and makes it clear that's what she does for a quick look on herself. I think some of the younger bloggers are just trying to shill you the Real Techniques brushes I fell for this and now don't use them at all

DameXanaduBramble Sat 20-Feb-16 08:08:31

Lisa all the way.

Ratatattat Sat 20-Feb-16 08:09:19

Thanks will look. Well I fell for it as have a huge pack of recently purchased unused brushes.
Maybe you are right and less is more. I'm aware of the crows feet and forehead wrinkles. Uneven skin tone. Plus I seem to sprout random large chin hairs and have a moustache that becomes even more obvious with makeup.
I think I need to look at getting the tache waxed and brows sorted. I've been to a couple of counters and asked for advice and come away looking like coco the clown. Ok at 17 not at 47sad

FLAMBOLA Sat 20-Feb-16 15:05:10

I love Lisa Eldridge, she's more about enhancing your face rather than changing it, which is my sort of thing.

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