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LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Fri 19-Feb-16 20:40:19

I've two big family weddings this year, one in April and one in September. The April one is in Scotland with an outside ceremony (optimistic!) and the Septembrr one is down south - marquee in the local cricket club type thing.

I think they are both similar enough in vibe that the same outfit will work for both, which means I've a reasonable budget. But I'm so stuck. I'm 5'2" and curvy with a mahoosive chest I like a bit of structure, definitely a v-neck or similar. I don't want something that depends on heels give there's outside elements to both weddings - but I've been craving the ballerina length skirts that are around right now.

My usual style is more cool tops/trousers/Chelsea boots and it feels like ages since I bought a formal-ish dress. And I'm all tummy right now (although hoping to lose a bit of weight, back on 5:2 and planning a dry March which always helps.


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