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Is Alexa Chung a "fabulous British icon?"

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EachandEveryone Fri 19-Feb-16 17:36:10

As quoted by some style expert today. Is she? Really? She just looks like a hipster to me I didn't realise she'd change the fashion world. Mind you, I'm too old to appreciate the Pixies, Georgias and Caras so maybe I'm way off the mark. Do people follow Alexa's look? I guess they must do.

ThursdayLastWeek Fri 19-Feb-16 17:41:48

Not IMO.

I'm sure she's very nice and all, but her look is so far from anything I like.

toffeeboffin Fri 19-Feb-16 17:44:08

Hipster doofus I reckon.

iseenodust Fri 19-Feb-16 17:47:27

No. She hasn't been around long enough and is more of a 'bright young thing'. I like my icons to have achieved something tangible/reached a wider audience.

MadisonMontgomery Fri 19-Feb-16 17:47:36

Umm no. Tbh I think she has appalling taste.

Hassled Fri 19-Feb-16 17:50:37

I think if I was younger she'd be the celeb I'd most like to look like - she is gorgeous (apart from her weird knees), and always seems to me to be dressed well.

MadameDePompom Fri 19-Feb-16 17:55:19

She's leggy and beautiful and looks gorgeous despite the butt ugly clothes she wears. I don't think I've ever coveted anything she's worn (apart from her glowing skin).

LadyIsabellaWrotham Fri 19-Feb-16 17:55:40

Yes I reckon she's a style icon. It's not brain surgery or the Great British Novel but it's a thing. She's got a distinctive look and style.

MadameDePompom Fri 19-Feb-16 17:56:47

I believe M&S are 'collaborating' with Alexa. My crystal ball tells me that the frumpsville items they'll come up with will not flatter anyone who isn't very tall and very slim.

YaySirNaySir Fri 19-Feb-16 17:57:10

No not my style at all and I think her hair looks a mess. She wore that M&S debacle of a suede skirt which says it all.
I like her taste in men though.

Floisme Fri 19-Feb-16 17:58:01

I've nothing against her at all but if she's an icon then I'm a national treasure.

SwedishEdith Fri 19-Feb-16 18:00:16

I doubt most people have any idea who she is.

Wolpertinger Fri 19-Feb-16 18:44:39

No. She's a very thin young woman who's managed to make a successful career out of being very thin and hanging around with magazine editors where she appears to pass for some sort of genius.

On her Lisa Eldridge video she came over as one of the most vapid people I'd had the misfortune to listen to.

And she always looks like her hair needs washing.

IWantedThatBiscuit Fri 19-Feb-16 18:47:49

The fashion pack love her, dont they?

Nothing against her at all - she is a pretty young woman - but I dont aspire to her style at all. Skinny, slightly androgynous clothes style, always wearing awful clumpy shoes.Nah.

SingingSands Fri 19-Feb-16 18:48:15

I don't think she is. She's just a clothes horse and good luck to her if that what she wants. But to say she's "an icon"... no.

gunting Fri 19-Feb-16 18:49:52

No, not at all.

ZaraW Fri 19-Feb-16 18:50:31

Yes, she's a bit quirky and different and has her own unique style which suits her well. Not sure the M&S thing is such a great idea, I've seen her in RL when I was in Bangkok a few years ago she is stunning.

ScarletForYa Fri 19-Feb-16 18:53:35

To me she's always looked a bit ordinary with her Mumsy hair. She's nice looking but forgettable. Ten a penny I'd say.

EachandEveryone Fri 19-Feb-16 18:55:07

She is but I don't just think it's down to healthy eating that figure. Sometimes she looks like she's on another planet. I can't even remember where she started can you?

Missionitreat Fri 19-Feb-16 18:58:16

I first saw her on a youth channel 4 tv show and she always came across as very sharp with great wit and was soon moved on to other things.
She's always had her own eclectic style clothes wise.
I think she's brilliant and try's her best to stay modest but people just love her humour and quirkiness which is why she's is always in the papers for her style.

PitPatKitKat Fri 19-Feb-16 19:07:59


Fairyliz Fri 19-Feb-16 20:13:25

I am sure she is a lovely young woman but so far from M & S's core customers its laughable.
Has M @ S been infitrated by someone dtermined to ruin its clothing sales? You would think so the ridiculous decisions they keep making.

Madbengalmum Fri 19-Feb-16 20:15:00

Thin and ungainly looking, not for m and s!

Sparkletastic Fri 19-Feb-16 20:15:42


MamaLazarou Fri 19-Feb-16 20:16:36

Her hair is like limp lettuce.

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