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Help with Mumsy hair!

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MadameFod Fri 19-Feb-16 13:26:43

I am in my mid-forties and have shoulder length hair. At the moment it is pretty much all one length with a side-parting and a fringe.

What can I do to look less mumsy and middle-aged? Off to the hairdresser tomorrow so any ideas welcome...

Don't mind chopping lots off.

LadyPriggsbottom Fri 19-Feb-16 13:48:21

Exciting! I love a big change in hairstyle.

Kind of depends on your hair type (thick/fine/curly/straight), face shape and what your usual 'look' is. I had a lot of hair cut off a while ago to just above chin length and realised my new hair didn't match some of my clothes! (Should also say it is driving me nuts not being able to tie mine up so I am growing it out at the moment just in case you think that would annoy you too).

If you're going short I absolutely love Michelle Williams's hair when it's short but not a complete crop iyswim. Have attached photo to show you.

Also, if you ask your hair stylist I'm sure they might have some ideas.

LadyPriggsbottom Fri 19-Feb-16 13:51:06

Also just to say that pic is from Louis Vuitton ad if you wanted to see better pics. Here is one more. smile

MadameFod Fri 19-Feb-16 14:47:03

Thanks for that. I like that look too but not sure if I would get annoyed with it falling in my eyes, Will check out the ad.

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