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can i have some quick help please? london on a saturday night

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gymboywalton Fri 19-Feb-16 08:25:07

am early 40s
size 20

absolutely no idea what to wear

dh has suggested getting dressed up
my heart sank a bit

i have no clothes

please help

oh darkish-reddish hair
hazel eyes
pale/pinkish skin tone

skippy67 Fri 19-Feb-16 08:48:18

Where are you going? Dinner? Dancing? Drinks?

gymboywalton Fri 19-Feb-16 08:51:50

possibly all of the above
we don't have firm plans
we will definitely be eating, we will probably wander and find some bars

my problem is i can't do heels at all-i can't walk in them

DianaT1969 Fri 19-Feb-16 10:31:58

Asos curve next day delivery? This with opaques and any shoes you already have? Nice necklace and blow dry.. I would size up to ensure space for bust. Or buy 2 sizes and send 1 back.

gymboywalton Fri 19-Feb-16 10:41:19

i really like it but i am going away today! i really should have organised this sooner.

so you think a dress? i can go shopping later today or tomorrow

i was wondering about maybe a tunic wth opaque black tights and biker boots? so it would go from day to night..?

DianaT1969 Fri 19-Feb-16 10:49:32

Tunic with biker boots sounds fine. Most people are wearing skinny jeans with plimsoles/boots out in London these says, so it's fairly casual thanks to the cold weather. Hope you have a great time.

mayhew Fri 19-Feb-16 19:01:40

My daughter (22) informs me that making too much "dress up" effort signals the provinces......

One item you like, flat shoes and bright lipstick. Good to go!

Flatsfromnowon Sat 20-Feb-16 07:20:33

Mayhew, what is wrong with the 'provinces'??

OP - what you had in mind sounds perfect. Enjoy your date smile

WipsGlitter Sat 20-Feb-16 07:37:19

That's a lovely dress!

How long is the tunic? Does it not just look like a very short dress if you wear it with tights?

Ledkr Sat 20-Feb-16 07:42:53

I'm led in a london bed at the moment after a night out last night.
We were in the duck and waffle then spitalfeild and I noticed it was pretty casual. People in warm coats and boots. I just wore grey jeans and a casual top, comfy chunky heeled boots as I had to get the train/tube in from essex.
Have fun

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