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Holiday vest tops and t shirts

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candykane25 Thu 18-Feb-16 22:48:34

Please can you recommend the best plain vest tops and short sleeved t shirts? I am thinking of plain navy and maybe brighter colours, to wear with jeans and shirts on a warm weather but exploring type holiday.
I would like to keep it simple and classic.
I usually go to H & M but happy to receive advice.

Pupsiecola Thu 18-Feb-16 23:13:23

I need the same as I'm off to very sunny climes next week and have lost 2 stones since I was last in Summer clothes. Shops seem to have limited Summer stuff atm. I did buy a nice Navy blue tee-shirt from White Stuff. I don't like most of their stuff these days but their plain tees are good quality and fit and wash well. I just wish they had more colours (they have a pink and a white in the same design).

I am going shopping on Sunday and hope to find some more options!

candykane25 Fri 19-Feb-16 09:43:46

I was looking at the gap website last night, but not many vest tops. I might get some of the sale ones.

fruityb Fri 19-Feb-16 09:46:29

I bought a ton from primani last summer. I layered the vests, i do that anyway, and the t shirts were thin enough as we were in a hot place. Did me fine and cost about 15 quid.

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