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wedding attendance dress for DD10

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chewybacca Thu 18-Feb-16 22:30:40

We need a dress for my DD10, she is not particularly into dresses. I am finding nothing suitable. Either very pale colours or styles that seem too old ( off the shoulder, strapless etc)
I don't know where to look. She likes 50's style but in bright colours.
Any ideas?
Budget less than £100 ( DH would like it far lower...)

LettuceLaughton Thu 18-Feb-16 22:51:40

might she like this?

more what you meant?
too much dark with the bright?
teeny polka dots

chewybacca Fri 19-Feb-16 08:00:48

The polka dot red one meets with approval! Sadly I'm not sure the 9-10 will fit as she is quite tall. Might be worth a trip to town though.
Thank you.

mrsmortis Fri 19-Feb-16 08:20:01

John Lewis is normally a good bet. How about this:'-embroidered-prom-dress-pink/p2431138

Is this one too dark?'-floral-print-peter-pan-collar-dress-navy/p2309455

This one is probably too pale - but it's a parrot print!'-parrot-print-prom-dress-multi/p2539727

chewybacca Fri 19-Feb-16 14:25:40

I really like the pink one! DD does not! Arghhhh. this is going to cause headaches!

mrsmortis Sat 20-Feb-16 19:07:34

How about Monsoon? Lots of pretty dresses. Here are just a few examples.,mon_3.30,mon_3.3.1/9143990225,mon_3.3,mon_3.3.3/9150231408,mon_3.30,mon_3.3.1/9140682908

hollinhurst84 Sun 21-Feb-16 14:02:59

Any of these?

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