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Hobbs sizing?

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fluffiphlox Wed 17-Feb-16 17:20:22

How does it come up? How comparable to, say, M&S?

GreenHamNoeggs Thu 18-Feb-16 09:42:50

Quite generous. Similar to M&S imho.

WhiteHairReally Thu 18-Feb-16 19:02:59

But not brilliant if you are over about 5'6. I find waisted dresses end up Empire line on me. Might be the norks though.

Pinkvici22 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:05:30

Definitely generous - I go at least 1 size down

BuggersMuddle Thu 18-Feb-16 19:08:04

Skirts are generous, knitwear very generous (as is anything jersey). There's more variation within their own sizing though now than there used to be IMO.

fluffiphlox Fri 19-Feb-16 16:28:47

Thank you for your help everyone. Ordered a couple of things online for work.

fredabear Fri 19-Feb-16 17:08:07

going to go against the grain and say that the last couple of things I got there (jeans, dress) have come up smaller than Jigsaw, which I always find a bit on the small side.... might just be me though...

fluffiphlox Fri 19-Feb-16 18:26:40

Oh well. I will have to wait and see now. I've ordered a couple of tops online. I've lost some weight lately so my idea of mainstream sizing is a bit awry. They do free returns. Thanks again

fluffiphlox Mon 22-Feb-16 18:16:11

Well my two work tops came today. I would say they were very similar in size to M&S. Thanks again.

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