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Trainers for 8 year old boy with wide feet.

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Bellygirl Wed 17-Feb-16 10:31:37

My DS is 8 and I assume he has wide feet. When we've been into sports shops for trainers they are ALWAYS too narrow, he is now desperate for new trainers and says he doesn't want them from Clarks he wants 'cool' trainers like his friends (they are all loving Adidas in his school ATM for some reason) now I would just take him to Clarks and get a decent, well fitting pair of shoes as I don't care about what makes my clothes are etc and hoped he would never care about things like this either but I do remember how hard school was and how much I just wanted to just fit in and be 'cool' LOL (I also remember being made fun of for wearing Velcro trainers wtf why are kids are so weird and mean!) Are there any sporty type trainers that would fit wider feet??

Vintagebeads Wed 17-Feb-16 10:38:25

My ds has wide feet,Nike trainers are much wider than Adidas, and are not that expensive in sports direct,I find he has to go up a size from shoes in trainers.
A lot of the footballers Mesi etc wear certain trainers,so a lot of the boys like the branding based on that too.
I think we all want them to unaffected by brands but the power of fitting and not being the only one is something I remember too.

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