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style this dress for me

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strawberryblondebint Wed 17-Feb-16 07:26:55

I have an event on Saturday. I have to get my photo taken. I hate my photo being taken. Is like a training day for a course thing. There will be some important people there hence the press. My lovely husband bought me this dress. However I don't know what to wear with it. I don't want to be to formal but not too casual iyswim. I am a curvy size 12-14 and the dress is a perfect fit. I am 5"3 and crap in heels. However I do have brown t bar ones. It's still freezing here though so I was hoping opaques would still do the job. Oh crap. I'm dreadful at styling. Someone jump in and sort me out.

Effiethemonster Wed 17-Feb-16 07:38:09

Oooh it's a lovely dress (from what I can see from the tiny picgrin). Very mad men. I don't think it would need much accessorizing as it's lovely on its own and too much would make the whole outfit a bit busy. A simple necklace and earrings, i think heels would be essential for an evening event (would look great with flats for casual wear tho). Opaques and t bars sound great and would fit the whole look!
Could you perhaps add a simple thin belt to the dress aswell? Or does it tie at the back?

strawberryblondebint Wed 17-Feb-16 10:10:44

It's a daytime event. I'm a redhead. And I wondered if I can do black opaques? Or not. Help. Don't think it can take a belt. It's pretty nipped in

strawberryblondebint Wed 17-Feb-16 10:11:35

Oh and I am old. 42

SalmonMaki Wed 17-Feb-16 10:17:32

Personally I wouldn't go for black opaques, I would prefer nude tights with brown t-bars. Maybe brown or navy opaques if you must, but try on the shoes, tights & dress combo beforehand to see how you like it.

Any chance you can layer up before and after meeting the VIPs? Wear flats before and after the meeting? To minimise the cold / discomfort?

strawberryblondebint Wed 17-Feb-16 15:06:08

Thanks guys. Will do some trying on this evening

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