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Help me fix my red, blotchy skin

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Ketsby Tue 16-Feb-16 17:53:31

I love Youtube makeup tutorials, I've tried new products, I love the Korean BB creams, I've got primer, tried colour-correct, tried all the bloggers' cleansing, toning, moisturising tips... and honestly? Nada.

I have prominent eyebags and have since my late teens (I'm now 30). I'm assuming they're genetic. They proper depress me. Underneath them, I sport two red patches that curl up over my cheekbones to the corners of my eyes. They're not broken veins, not acne, just horrid ruddy redness. Maybe rosacea? I have never suffered an allergy but I've tried all the tips - sensitive-only products, sunscreen every day, double cleansing the sunscreen off, avoiding this or that ingredient, going make-up free - and it's not changed a thing.

Attempting to cover it up has had some mild success - colour-correct concealer (only the area I have to paint is so large, and the stuff seems very drying), some very pale Korean BB creams work well, I've just found a Max Factor 3-in-1 foundation which is really nice. But then it pretty much disappears, melts off or is absorbed within about half an hour, even with primer (tried two, both Body Shop. Regular and Insta-blur.) I also have a smattering of open pores in the area, and the products sit in there and all turn white, giving me white dots. So it's kinda messy anyway. I was going to try a bottle of the green Boots concealer, but the buggers have discontinued it. I can't paint half my face each day with those tiny pallets.

I tend to use Dove fake tan every week or so, as it makes the difference between my normal skin colour and the redness less pronounced. That's about my only top tip so far.

I was wondering if anyone had any further ideas. I know I should focus both on getting rid of the redness (but I cannot identify a cause at all. I don't drink. I am fit and healthy with one of those mock-worthy Instagram clean diets. I've been using nothing but a sensitive basic cream on my face for a month, just to see if it was a product issue) and on properly covering it skillfully (even primer+foundationORbbORcc+powder fades off) because it really knackers my confidence. I rather like playing with all the eyebrow stuff lately, and eyeliner, but it feels pointless painting eyes on my minging face.

I'm thinking of going to a salon or something and having them do my makeup, just to see if I can actually look like a normal-skin person.

Any help most welcome.

Kennington Tue 16-Feb-16 17:58:57

Wolportinger and the others can help you better than me.

All I know is fake tan is quite drying and you may need an acid toner and an oil for cleansing and moisturising then if there is no improvement a trip to the GP

Changing your pillow might help too! And stopping all products for a couple of days. Your make up might also be a bit off....

Ketsby Wed 17-Feb-16 16:12:50


I watched a few good tutorials last night which covered stuff like applying foundation with brush/sponge, waiting 10 minutes after moisture before putting foundation and setting with a powder, so today's efforts are actually something of an improvement. Still; I wish the redness would just not be there.

MadisonMontgomery Wed 17-Feb-16 18:59:40

Would it be worth seeing a dermatologist? Pricey, but if they can give you a definitive answer on what it is & how to tackle it then it might save you loads in products that don't work!

FrustratedFrugal Wed 17-Feb-16 20:13:18

Is it something like this? If yes, it could be an autoimmune disorder (my friend - obviously not the person in the pic - has this). See a GP or a dermatologist?

JacksSkellington Wed 17-Feb-16 21:24:08

I've been using Dr Bronner's lavender soap - I've found it's not only made my skin lovely and smooth but it's helped evening out my complexion and reduced redness. Worth a try? It's £4 from TKMaxx or you can get it online, I use it on a facial sponge. You only need a few drops.

I recently bought the tea tree one for a friend with rosacea and she's seen an improvement within a week. I didn't even know it was recommended for rosacea and acne, just a hunch.

Wolpertinger Wed 17-Feb-16 21:30:30

Coverup - Dermablend makeup. Watch the Lisa Eldridge acne video for tips - I know you don't have acne but the coverup principle is the same.

Otherwise FrustratedFrugal is right there are a few specific rashes that present what is called butterfly or heliotrope rashes with redness on the face. It would be worth seeing your GP to get it checked out. You need a proper diagnosis.

BeYoung Thu 18-Feb-16 02:51:52

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