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First bra 25 A

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timeKeepingOnMars Tue 16-Feb-16 11:07:39

Any one suggest where I can find a first bra for DD1 - she's 9 yr 6 and been in crop tops for a while but is developing and wants a bra.

She measures 25 inches around and 26 across the boobs. So I think she is a 25 A.

I don't know if she'l be like me - I was C cup before leaving primary though was winter baby and she is one of the youngest - and remained very big all my life, like my mother, or if she'll be more like MIL small up top or my DSis her aunt also small.

There is a Debenhams in town and a huge John Lewis in nearby city -I'm
sure there is a M & S somewhere around though not in immediate town - though my experience these shops their staff, measuring and stock hasn't been great - though I am very large. I tend to buy on-line - though did spot a bravissimo in nearby city so might have more option in future.

There is a supermarket nearby with huge clothes section - sainsburys and a primark and a peackcocks in town but I've never bought bra from them.

Also think 25 A is a very small size so wonder if there will be anything in range at these shops - or if I should on-line like I do?

So want cotton - plain and relatively plain non wired bras in 25 A.

I'd appreciate any help - she really wants a bra and not more crop tops she doesn't tend to let things go either.

Mendeleyev Tue 16-Feb-16 15:48:39

If you have a Peacocks near you, they sometimes do 28AA and they are quite small and unwired. My extremely skinny DD who is 11 wears some. We have also had small 28s from M&S. We haven't looked at JL but I know they don't do as many small back size adult bras as they used to.

MsBojangles Tue 16-Feb-16 18:17:14

Think I was probably still in a vest at that size.

ophiotaurus Tue 16-Feb-16 18:22:16

How about something like this? It has the bra style back but no cups?

ophiotaurus Tue 16-Feb-16 18:23:39 nude probably better than black.

ophiotaurus Tue 16-Feb-16 18:26:17

It this comes in 8-9?

Is she too self conscious for crop tops vests? I have boys and was a late developer so can't remember what age gorls start to wear bras.

vanillabeauty Tue 16-Feb-16 18:26:24

I am a 26E and have to get 28 backs sad however M & S backs come up small. I have one that measures 27" on longest hook when fully stretched. These may work?

ophiotaurus Tue 16-Feb-16 18:26:30


teacherwith2kids Tue 16-Feb-16 18:29:59

Just as a question - is the 26 in the 'bending forward at 90 degrees' position, or when your DD is standing upright? I'm sure one of the experts wll come along shortly, but it is the leaning forward measurement you need, not the standing upright.

If she really is a 25A - which it is likely not, if you measure properly - then M&S has some 'bra style non-bras' that may be perfect for your DD as they look like bras but are essentially crop tops:

The 28 backs would probably be OK, as they come up quite small and your DD isn't really needing 'support', by the sound of it she just wants the look of the thing.

timeKeepingOnMars Tue 16-Feb-16 20:11:36

Thank you for all the replies smile

is the 26 in the 'bending forward at 90 degrees' position, or when your DD is standing upright? I'm sure one of the experts wll come along shortly, but it is the leaning forward measurement you need, not the standing upright.

You're right I'd done it standing up not leaning over- like I would for me.
She comes up 28.5 inches across widest part like that - so I'm not so sure about her cup size now.

I was thinking 28 AA, can't find any 26 on-line, but now I'm not so sure maybe 28 A would be better.

There is definitely growth but I don't think she needs support yet so suspect it is more about the look.

She like the look of the m&S links - found a few on there she likes the look of.

Never even thought of New Look - I'm so restricted where I can buy so many places just haven't occurred to me for her and those links look good - I think there is one local to us.

She had very basic crop tops for about 12-4 months now as she was complaining about sensitivity and they seemed to help. I'm thinking I'll order some from M&S - then try and go shopping with just her and look around all local shops and try some on.

PerspicaciaTick Tue 16-Feb-16 20:20:33

I took my DD to M&S, we took every possible bra off to the changing room and tried them on. Then we did it all again with a better idea of sizing. We didn't ask staff for help and I felt the most important thing was that DD enjoyed herself, felt comfy and liked the final bra. It was a very silly afternoon and she was beaming by the time we came out.
Since then we've had to get more accurate with fit, but I'm glad she doesn't feel bra shopping is too traumatic.

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