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How do I go grey gracefully?

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M0rticiaAddams Tue 16-Feb-16 10:22:02

I've got fine dark brown, shoulder-length hair which for the past 20+ years I've dyed (at home, though sometimes in a salon) regularly, usually to a warmer chocolate or reddish tone. The ends are very saturated with colour. I've also got shitloads a bit of grey hair, which is becoming increasingly obvious at the roots. Over the last few years and two children, it's now gone from the odd strand to a much more salt and pepper affair. So now (over forty) I'm thinking about embracing the grey because the upkeep of dying it is a faff and the regrowth looks crap.

So the question is: what can I do to transition to my natural colour(s)? I've got about 3" of regrowth at the moment and I don't want to cut my hair that short all over, but I need to get rid of the colour-saturated ends somehow, or find a style to suit that doesn't look too unintentional or weird.

Any ideas? Whenever I've tried to talk to a hairdresser about this they look at me like I'm a fruitcake and suggest permanent dye or highlights, which is just more upkeep I can't maintain.

Narp Tue 16-Feb-16 13:54:15

No idea, but i'LL BUMP FOR YOU [SMILE]

Narp Tue 16-Feb-16 13:54:33

Oops smile

potap123 Tue 16-Feb-16 13:57:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

capsium Tue 16-Feb-16 13:57:47

Only know about going grey disgracefully, first hand. grin This involves washing, brushing it and cutting it occasionally. Actually I probably look a bit like the witch from a fairytale, so you might want to ignore my advice...

elQuintoConyo Tue 16-Feb-16 14:08:37

I just grew mine out. Looked shit for a year, I just had to brace myself for rude comments, thankfully didn't hear many but was well-armed grin

I have a bob, have had the same style since mid-20s (I'm 40). The front ends still have a bit of colour left, but the rest is white-grey-slightly darker. I look like Martin Clunes if I cut my hair short (especially in the ear department) so I didn't lop it all off.

It has slmost gone. It will be 1year on 20th May that I stopped dying it for the same reasons as you. And I just could not be arsed anymore! My white roots would show 1 week after dying, hair was getting in a really bad condition, there is no way I can get it dyed at a salon more than twice a year, so wild do it at home. I look back now at photos and think, "is that really me, with the Playmobil hair?".

I wash it in purple shampoo (a supermarket brand, sorry I'm abroad so I can't recommend), and yse a conditioner with Keratinin it (Teesemme, huge white bottle, lasts ages). That is it. Blow dry and style as usual. The grey-white is SO MUCH SOFTER than the dyed bits, obv because it is natural.

I did have a wobble about 5-6 month as it looked its worst and I work with the public blush but I'm good at my job plus my boss doesn't care as his young fun charming wife inspired me to do it grin

Some on MN think 'letting yourself go' is certain death, as do people IRL. Sod 'em. I have changed some colous I wear around my face (scarves), my lippy, when I wear it. And in the summer I'm going to get new glasses as these ones are clear placcy and with pale skin, pale blue eyes and white hair I look invisible !!

Good luck brew

M0rticiaAddams Tue 16-Feb-16 15:09:59

Thanks for your ideas!

I don't think of it as "letting myself go" - more like "embracing the inevitable and figuring out how to rock that instead of pretending to be 23" grin

Growing it out seems like the better option, though what I'd really like is a kind of dye that only sticks to the white hair, so i could have purple streaks smile

biscuitkumquat Tue 16-Feb-16 15:26:55

I've gone "back to grey" twice now. The first time I let it grow out, and had some highlights, so there wasn't a big line.

Second time, I was bright blue, I had it bleached out, then had a silver dye applied & I can't see a line at all. I think my "real colour" is about 4" down.

But, because it's bleached you must take really good care of it, weekly conditioning packs, and I use a purple shampoo to make sure that it doesn't turn yellow.

But, I leave my shampoo on for about 1/2 an hour because I get a lovely lilac glow.

It really depends how grey you are. I'm pretty much 100%, so there is no regrowth.

ChopOrNot Tue 16-Feb-16 17:07:17

I did the chop it all off Pics on here - from before to er..yesterday.

I got a pixie almost a year ago. The colorist blended my roots with some fine grey highlights to stop the root mark. Then the next few cuts got rid of the final remaining dye.

No regrets - no more 4-weekly trips to the hairdresser and my hair is in much, much better condition. I was terrified of getting it cut but it has been fine. Have had shorter hair than I'd ideally have liked for a few months but meh...I just learnt to style it, slapped on a bit more eye make up and a big smile and it has been fine.

StillMedusa Tue 16-Feb-16 19:48:27

I'm 6 months into going grey (my second attempt) Mine's mid brown with a white streak at the front and scattered grey underneath and on top...more brown than grey just about (I'm 48)

I won't looks awful at the moment. I had it cut short in the summer...hated it, so am growing it along with the grey. BUT the natural hair feels so so much nicer..mine wasn't even over dyed but I can tell the difference without looking. And seeing the grey streaks appearing is oddly fascinating... like a whole new me is about to happen. I am planning on looking cool and edgy ...but will probably embrace 'ageing hippy' :D

janethegirl2 Tue 16-Feb-16 20:02:58

I go for a mix of hi lights and lo lights and it seems to work for me

TropicalIcyCooler Tue 16-Feb-16 20:18:41

Have a look in MrsGloss&TheGoss over on FB - they had loads of threads about this recently with stacks of advice

Cocolepew Tue 16-Feb-16 20:42:42

I went much lighter, I have a pixie cut which I think is easier to go grey with. I bleached it and just let it go. Though I stuck a silver dye in it last werk so its not natural atm.

Cocolepew Tue 16-Feb-16 20:45:22

This was it before I dyed it (which I regret btw)

Cocolepew Tue 16-Feb-16 20:46:35

This is the silver dye

29PaddingtonSt Tue 16-Feb-16 20:56:15

I went grey two years ago and I'm so pleased I did it. Unfortunately you do have to go through the pain barrier a bit and it will look awful as the dye oxidises but it's definitely worth it. Don't let anyone talk you into lowlights/highlights/semi permanent colours. I get lots of compliments about my hair now which I've never had in my life before!

Theendispie Tue 16-Feb-16 21:02:44

I am gray now and it did look pretty darn bad for a few months. I got lots of layers cut in to mine and had a choppier cut as it broke up the solidness of the dye growing out. I also wore a lot of hats!

sohackedoff Tue 16-Feb-16 21:25:08

I also did it the hard way. A year in and only the end 2" are dye. A friend told me how ageing being grey is. However, in my opinion it's much nicer than helmet hair at 50. Persevere. I have seen people use those wide fabric headbands quite successfully but not for me.

PitilessYank Tue 16-Feb-16 22:02:07

There are de-colorizing agents that will lift dyes out of your hair. They smell lousy, and take several applications, but they work, and do not damage hair. Pravana does a decent job.

I used it to redeem my hair after my one and only attempt at hair coloring. It allowed my grey to re-emerge from the brown dye I had applied. My hair smelled like rotten eggs for a week but it was worth it.

PitilessYank Tue 16-Feb-16 22:08:04

I wouldn't use a semi-permanent due to cover grey while it is growing out because sometimes the semi-permanent dyes last much longer than they say they will, particularly if your hair is in good condition.

Itsalldramarama Wed 17-Feb-16 10:23:49

Check out gray and proud or going gorgeously gray on face book , loads of advice there smile I grew mine out for 7 month and then cut it as I hated the old dye , I love the freedom , I just focus on skin care and make up and can wear brighter colours now , people have said I look better now even though they thought I was mad and tried to talk me out of it

Pippidoeswhatshewants Wed 17-Feb-16 10:38:43

I had to stop dyeing my hair and all SLS etc. just over a year ago because of my skin. I was very lucky, as my hair now looks like I have gone ombré.
About to have a good bit chopped off again this week, and then I will be very nearly "au naturel".
My hairdresser is always amazed by how soft and lovely my hair is, and I am happy, too! smile

Snarklepoo Wed 17-Feb-16 10:45:36

Anyone have any advice for someone who doesn't colour but is going grey at 32?

Used to have great hair- thick and naturally curly dark blonde. Now finding more grey every day.

Am I going to have to start dyeing it?

Itsalldramarama Wed 17-Feb-16 10:56:00

Snarkle , I would just leave it come in naturally , wish I had never got stuck on the dye treadmill !

ChopOrNot Wed 17-Feb-16 11:13:51

I am with llama Wish I had just let it grow in naturally and never touch the dye. I never noticed fret hairs on others, but boy it can be hard to miss the root line/bagder stripe of grey roots.. Far more aging than grey highlights iyswim

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