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What's The Palest Foundation available?

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EmbroideryQueen Tue 16-Feb-16 01:54:38

I have very very pale cool coloured skin and need a new foundation. Nearly all the standard brands make me look orange or are too red. The best colours I've found so far are by Bourjois and Seventeen, which have slight yellow undertones, which is an improvement at least, but they are still too yellow so I find myself using only a very small amount and blending a lot.

Can anyone recommend a very pale non-orange medium coverage foundation for under about £30?


gandttuesday Tue 16-Feb-16 02:08:35

The Collection ones are very pale, and only about £4 in boots, think the luminous one is the better formula.

BlueCowWonders Tue 16-Feb-16 05:45:36

My teen dd is off the scale in nearly all ranges. Boots coil t colour match her. She was sent to the Estée Lauder counter who have one that suits, and Bare Minerals also works.
But only higher end - nothing in cheaper brands.

Fuzzypeggy Tue 16-Feb-16 07:34:33

Find one you like which is a bit too dark and mix it with a pure White one, it the perfect solution for those truly pale people who standard make up doesn't cater for

garlicbreathing Tue 16-Feb-16 07:42:09

My go-to is loreal and they have a good selection with rose undertones, which suits me well.

I find collection too orange for my very pale skin, and a lot of the other brands don't have one that suits as well as the loreal ones do.

gonegrey56 Tue 16-Feb-16 07:49:54

I am very very pale too. Ask at the YSL counter for a sample of a foundation in shade B10. This is the palest cool shade. They have dinky little sample pots with a 7 day supply. See if this works before splashing out ( foundations are about £30 I think) - I use Fusion Ink foundation most days but also Touche Eclat when my skin is feeling dry . The shade names apply to all the different foundation types . The shade B10 is the only one that is not yellow on me . Really worth trying this out .

Talisin Tue 16-Feb-16 08:38:45

I feel your pain - I'm a pale neutral & nothing on the high street has ever worked for me. What I've ended up with after years of trial & error (mostly error) is Lily Lolo mineral foundation in Porcelain and Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream. Downside is that you have to buy both online, upside is they won't break the bank & with Lily Lolo you can buy tester pots to see if it works for you.

tethersend Tue 16-Feb-16 08:40:42

Invest in Face Atelier~ buy the palest yellow based shade and the pure white and mix until you have a match.

The quality and finish is fantastic too.

Urban decay do a very pale cool toned one, as do Lancome. Ysl touche eclat foundation comes in a very light one too

ihearttea Tue 16-Feb-16 10:33:59

The Dainty Doll range by Nicola Roberts is made for pale skin tones, I think Boots might stock it

MackerelOfFact Tue 16-Feb-16 10:37:37

MaxFactor colour adapt in ivory is what I and my very pale friend both use. I also find Maybelline Dream Pure BB in the pale shade quite good (every other BB cream I've tried is far too orange for me).

It's tricky because you want to have a decent skin match but you also don't want to look full-on corpse!

Lightbulbon Tue 16-Feb-16 10:40:08

Estée Lauder double wear has a few very light shades.

It's expensive but really lasts ages.

I mix it with moisturiser if I want lighter coverage.

Lancôme also used to go quite light but they changed their formulation a couple of years ago and I didn't like it anymore.

slug Tue 16-Feb-16 10:51:35


SlinkyVagabond Tue 16-Feb-16 10:57:40

Lush used to do a very pale one-specifically for Celtic skin (named after a folk singer whose name I've forgot) I have a Korean Bb cream which is very very pale, in fact it's called My Dear Zombie, no yellow, no pink. Will look for link.

SlinkyVagabond Tue 16-Feb-16 11:03:04

here killing me zombie even. Despite the name doesn't make you corpse like. Takes about two weeks to come, but pm me and I'll send a sample. Lots of Korean stuff is very pale.

hollinhurst84 Tue 16-Feb-16 11:47:05

Lush jackie Oates
Dollish veil vita in purple
MAC - NW 10/13/15
Illamasqua skin base 02
(All for cool/pink undertones)

MAC NC 10/13/15
NARS Siberia
Illamasqua skin base 03
(All more warm/yellow undertones)

Urban decay naked skin 0.5
(Most neutral)

Tate15 Tue 16-Feb-16 12:44:13

Laval secret beauty foundation.

Cheap but great.

Tate15 Tue 16-Feb-16 12:45:59

MustBeThin Tue 16-Feb-16 12:52:58

Bobbi Brown - alabaster
Nars SG - Siberia
Illamasqua SB - 02
MUFE Ultra HD - 205

I also used to be B10 in YSL Touche Eclat but the other day when I got a sample of the new formula it looked perfectly fine on my hand but on my face it sort of dried orangey I wouldn't leave the house, I had to wipe it off and put my usual foundation on.

TattyDevine Tue 16-Feb-16 14:34:28

House of Colour do one called China White. It is cooler and paler than anything you will ever find on the high street.

Use code COOPERTR to get a significant discount.

I can imagine you might be reluctant to "buy blind" so if you can be arsed, you can probably find your nearest House of Colour stylist in their website and get her to try it on you. Then you can use her discount code. Because she'd get commission each time you purchase, I'd imagine she'd do this for free (she'd be an idiot not to)

Even if you aren't into seasonal colour analysis, this might be a nice find for you.

MsBojangles Tue 16-Feb-16 18:16:15

Not foundation but NARS Chantilly is a really pale concealer, I use it for highlighting and brightening. Bloody brilliant stuff.

HalfStar Tue 16-Feb-16 18:23:07

Lily lo lo porcelain
Lancôme teint idole 005

ScrambledSmegs Tue 16-Feb-16 18:39:14

Korean cosmetics are pretty fantastic for very fair skin tones. They basically invented BB creams and theirs are still better than the ones we get over here. I have the Aqua Petit Jelly cream by Holika Holika which gives great coverage and doesn't give the weird flat look that lots of western bbs do.

Also cushions are wonderful there - they haven't caught on yet properly over here, (probably because most of the ones I've tried here are pretty mediocre) but the effect on your skin is generally stunning. For a more western (i.e. less shiny) effect the Laneige Pore Control is a great base and comes in several very fair shades.

Bear in mind that the korean skin-tones are quite homogeonous and they prize very pale skin so quite often go for a more ghostly look when they can, so you may not even need the fairest shade they do. There are loads of swatch images on the internet, and some very active threads on Reddit about Asian Beauty. Plus a really helpful series of threads on S&B here if you want to drop in and ask them a question.

Bolshybookworm Tue 16-Feb-16 21:39:00

I feel your pain. I find anything too yellow makes me look embalmed. The MAC foundations do this to me.

In the past I have used the YSL touché eclat foundation in the lightest shade- sad to hear they've changed to formula! I have also had some success with Asian brands, for years I used kissme heroine make foundationy stuff (label was in Japanese!), but I need to go to Japan to stock up. I might try their best cream.

I just stick to very light tinted moisturisers/foundations now, I'm trying out the boots intelligent match one at the mo (got it on a 3 for 2). Watching this thread with interest!

Bolshybookworm Tue 16-Feb-16 21:39:28

*bb cream!

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