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Help with dry skin and make up

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Boozena Mon 15-Feb-16 20:46:19

I'm having skin problems. This is a bit of a new zone to me as, apart from the odd spot, I've always had good skin thanks Dad!
I'm very pale and have some flaky dry skin, mostly around my nose and mouth. I've also got some dark speckles on my chin from v old spots- smooth so not scarred as such, just marks. I tend to get spots if I wear make up frequently even though I always take it off before bed.
I don't wear make up often but after just seeing a horrid pic of me need something for more every day wear to smooth out the marks and stop my bright red nose. But not give me spots.
Also any moisturiser recommendations?
Should add strict budget so throw your best high street brands at me!

ButterIsAngelSpunk Mon 15-Feb-16 20:56:44

Watching with interest as suffer EXACTLY the same problem. At the moment I slather on Nivea, wait half an hour for it to soak in, and slather on more just before applying foundation, concealer and powder. It works but I literally have to do it every day or I get a dry scaly forehead and cheeks sad

Boozena Mon 15-Feb-16 21:11:30

Oh that's interesting butter, I use nivea too and put it on before bed then after a shower if I have one in the morning.
Maybe it's not helping us?!
I find foundation slides off or feels greasy/looks patchy if I moisturise first :-(

MsAtomicBomb Mon 15-Feb-16 21:26:27

I did a search through some old threads about this, I have dry skin and I find when I wear foundation it just flakes. Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream 5% Urea kept cropping up in recommendations so I've been and bought some today, it's £11 in Boots. Can't really give a proper review as I've only used it once but first impressions are good. Sorry not really much use but thought I'd put it out there blush

Boozena Mon 15-Feb-16 21:37:55

Thank you for putting it out there! I could cope with £11 if it's good, would you mind popping back and letting me know how it is?
If I make it to town this week I might go and have a mooch in boots/super drug and look at some different moisturisers.
Been trawling old threads too and I think I'd like a flannel (for hot cloth/exfoliation) and some toner, then a diff moisturiser. Oh and drink more water if I can hate that it makes me pee so much

jellyjiggles Tue 16-Feb-16 07:42:01

Ok firstly Nivea blue pot can't be beaten IMO. I also have started using super drug vit E moister boost serum!

The serum is a couple of pounds and is brilliant for an extra boost. I've tried expensive brands and can't justify the cost at the moment. The cheaper stuff works just as well.

My skin care smile

I use coconut oil to remove makeup then I hot cloth cleanse with superdrug vit e cleanser. At night I put serum on then cover my face in Nivea blue pot. Quite a lot of it! Sometimes I put 2 lots on depends how fast my skin takes it in. Usually it's gone in 15 minutes.

Under makeup I use the serum (5-6 pumps), then Nivea patted on, not to much. During the day I keep moisturiser up by putting a very small amount of cream on my palms, warming it and gently pat on.

I don't use face powder! I use tinted moisturiser for a more natural look and foundation on areas I need more coverage.

I have very dry sensitive skin.

Boozena Tue 16-Feb-16 10:04:53

Ooh thanks for the tips jelly!
I've been using the nivea soft in the white pot- might try switching to the original blue pot one to see if it makes a difference.
I like the sound of a tinted moisturiser but didn't think the coverage would be up to much- which do you use and does it cover well?
I don't like make up to be thick / heavy but if i'm bothering to put it on I want to see a difference!
I've not joined the coconut oil revolution yet but gather it's pretty popular, doesn't it make you feel greasy or is that why you follow it with the hot cloth?
I'll pop to super drug and check out the serum. Does it work a bit like a primer? I had a Gosh primer before and it was good but pricey

Stripeybeachhut Tue 16-Feb-16 15:58:24

I have a small dry skin patch just above one side of my mouth at the moment. I just put a smidge of any moisturiser I have but I have been mainly using my superdrug vit e booster serum on it. Mainly because I don't actually use it anymore on my face as whole but it seems to be keeping the dry patch at bay.
I can't use the Nivea blue pot but my mum swears by it and the Nivea soft.

Boozena Wed 17-Feb-16 09:18:00

Definitely going to pick up the superdrug cream as it's been mentioned a few times now.
My dry skin seems to be easing a bit since I've been living like a hermit and putting more moisturiser on than usual at night.
Trying make up today as ive an important interview, wish me luck for both!

superfly13 Wed 17-Feb-16 12:00:53

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lisamcmenemy Wed 17-Feb-16 12:32:54

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Gingermum Wed 17-Feb-16 13:24:47

Hi Boozena

Like Jelly I use a mixture of coconut oil or almond oil and a blob of castor oil at night plus hot washcloth to remove makeup. I then clean again if I've been wearing makeup with the Clinique Balm. it's about £20 but lasts ages and doesn't have any scent.

I have dry skin and especially in winter, with central heating, it can feel very tight but not since I've been using the above routine.

During the day, I add a few drops of almond oil to my moisturiser. I thought it would mean that make up would be harder to apply but it isn't. I will either use the Liz Earle tinted moisturiser or MAC studio waterweight foundation. Also once a week a very gentle face scrub. This may not be right for you, but I find it gets rid of any flakiness. But the real key is using oil.

Hope this helps. smile

misspym Wed 17-Feb-16 13:42:49

The assistant in Boots recommended this to me when I was having problems with dry skin. It works really well for me.


Boozena Wed 17-Feb-16 16:21:38

Thanks all!
I have some almond oil I sometimes use on my nails so could put some on when the dry patches return! Next time I see some coconut ill be sure to pick it up.
Popped into superdrug and got a little haul. New flannel for hot face cloth, new moisturuser- the SDrug own simply pure one, as well as a bottle of the toner, and the vitamin e serum. A little goes a long way with the serum! Hopefully this will help.
Put some make up on today and it went on alright tho I looked a bit orange confused
Guessing it's because it's bloody freezing and ive turned even paler grin

lavazzzalover Wed 17-Feb-16 18:01:31

I judt love Nivea. but as a general moisturiser I use Clinique Moisture Surge in the winter and lashings of Nivea. in the summer is Avon Reversalist day cream.

loads and loads!

oh I also got a free sample of Clinique body butter and its great for the face. some one told me its similar to Waitrose Bottom Butter (think its called that).

Boozena Mon 22-Feb-16 07:57:54

Well I haven't had an overnight miracle sad
The vit e serum is really lovely though, it feels like a really nice primer! I've noticed recently just how little I drink aside from tea and coffee which can't be helping.
Next investment will be a good foundation and concealer to cover these marks on my chin.
I've already got a bobbi brown (bit watery) and no7 (sits in dry patches) so gonna have to do some reading around and testing!

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