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Bracelet recommendations?

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Paddingtonthebear Mon 15-Feb-16 19:20:18

Looking for a bracelet. I'm not familiar with all the latest designers and trends so not sure where to look outside of the high street jewellers. Want something fairly simple to wear alongside my watch but also a bit stylish. Links below are the kind of styles that I like but they are WAY out of my price range. Are there any cheap alternatives that I could consider instead? Thank you smile

timemaychangeme Mon 15-Feb-16 21:56:55

Something along these lines any good? Too thick?

If you haven't already checked Berry's website out there do have a fair few thin ones.

Paddingtonthebear Mon 15-Feb-16 22:04:52

Yes that's too chunky looking for me I'm afraid

MuttonCadet Mon 15-Feb-16 22:12:34,default,pd.html?cmmmc=AWINN_Accessorieses--Jewellery--_-Rose+vermeil+adjustable+chain+bracelet&istCompanyId=17910aed-1bae-4362-9580-b523eb87a91e&istItemId=lwqiawwxx&istBid=t&$

Something like this?

Paddingtonthebear Mon 15-Feb-16 22:53:28

Yes! But silver! grin

MuttonCadet Mon 15-Feb-16 23:01:17,default,pd.html

Any better? smile

Paddingtonthebear Tue 16-Feb-16 08:43:33

Yes, thanks!

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