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Hot cloth cleansing?

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NantucketNightbird Mon 15-Feb-16 16:18:55

Never done this before but think maybe I should be? What's best to get? I'm going to the nearest decent town tomorrow and I'm pretty clueless. I've heard super drug mentioned on here. I have sensitive dry spot prone skin

ScarlettDarling Mon 15-Feb-16 16:21:29

I'm interested in this too op, so place marking!

I've used the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser which I liked but didn't love...and for the price I want to love it!

hollinhurst84 Mon 15-Feb-16 16:27:57

I like Clinique take the day off as its unscented and basically like a fragrance free lard? In a nice way!!!
Also temple spa do a good one
REN have a hot cloth cleanser

schmalex Mon 15-Feb-16 16:29:50

I like the Liz Earle one. Tried the superdrug one recently and didn't really rate it tbh.

Paddypaws3 Mon 15-Feb-16 16:31:05

I loved Liz Earle but now use Superdrug's. It's not as nice but is fine for the price.

smoothieooo Mon 15-Feb-16 16:31:41

I have to say I love the Superdrug version. Smells more expensive than it is and is mild enough not to irritate my fairly sensitive skin. I'd say definitely worth a go if you haven't done hot cloth cleansing previously...

Jitterybug Mon 15-Feb-16 16:32:15

Superdrug Vit E one has really helped clear my skin, it was recommended on here.

NantucketNightbird Mon 15-Feb-16 16:32:42

What is the super drug one called?

Salene Mon 15-Feb-16 16:33:05

I use Elemis cleansing balm it's lovely

WickedWax Mon 15-Feb-16 16:34:40

I like the Superdrug one - Naturally Radiant.

I also sometimes use coconut oil, just slather it on, rub in a bit then wash off with a warm flannel.

I buy cheap flannels from Home Bargains, I don't like muslin cloths.

Lambzig Mon 15-Feb-16 18:46:49

I have just started using Emma Hardie (from M&S). Smells divine and my skin glows.

midnightmoomoo Mon 15-Feb-16 22:04:34

You can hot cloth cleanse with any cleanser. Just rub in as if you were washing your face with soap and remove with a flannel wrung out in warm water.
I've been doing this since the late 80s after I read in my mum's Best magazine that Barbara Daly recommended cleansing this way. Just wash flannels regularly.

splodgeness Tue 16-Feb-16 12:05:52

I do double cleansing. Use the cheap super drug hot cloth cleanser first to get most of the make up off, then Elemis cleansing balm (smells lush) for a deeper cleanse. This way you only need a little of the expensive one. Just buy flannels from the pound shop and wash/change them regularly.

honeycrumpet Tue 16-Feb-16 12:14:25

The Body Shop camomile cleansing butter is brilliant too. I just use cheap flannels as I prefer the texture of them to muslin cloths.

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