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countdown to spring/summer

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Donge13 Mon 15-Feb-16 15:25:39

Is it to early to start a lets sort ourselves out hair and beauty wise thread in anticipation sunnier times??

Plans for this week:
Body scrub
Sort out my feet. I am considering footner but I'm afraid of it!
Hydrating face mask
Start using them body moisturisers with a hint of tan in
Paint nails
Eat less crap
Drink more water

achillesratty Mon 15-Feb-16 16:54:11

I had same thoughts today, it's a lovely day here and the sun is shining and realised I need to get myself organised for Spring. My plans are:

Sort out dry scaly legs ! ! !
Tackle out of control bikini line (desperate measures will be needed !)
Start using my vibration plate again to tone up
I also need to start using tinted moisturiser, I look grey
Thinking of doing a deep face peel too but that depends on what I doing because I can't leave the house for a week until my skin stops falling off !

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