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Help! I have to get DH a birthday present in Leeds city centre today!

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Love2dance Mon 15-Feb-16 08:34:11

I will be in central Leeds just for today. I would love to get him a cool leather flat cap - Kangol did a nice one in slightly distressed brown leather -but have no idea where to look. Any ideas for cool menswear shops for this or similar welcome.

Tate15 Mon 15-Feb-16 08:43:26

Try the department stores and tk maxx if you don't know any specialist stores.

Love2dance Mon 15-Feb-16 12:53:07

Thank you. I'll go and have a look.

LocalEditorLeeds Mon 15-Feb-16 13:15:34

I could be a little late to the party hear but just in case you are still struggling, have a look around Trinity they have a lot of the typical stores. Also I would suggest having a look in Zara's men collection (located on Briggate) Also maybe Accent which is in Queens arcade.

A little off the beat perhaps but have a look in the Leeds City Art Gallery Shop they have a collection for Armley Mills on sale in there from Kempadoo (or did I've not been since Christmas)

Love2dance Mon 15-Feb-16 15:14:06

Thanks so much Local. Now on the train on my way back to London as I ran out of time dealing with work stuff, but this is still really useful. I I come up from time to time and hear the shopping is really good and love off beat stuff so will have a look where you suggest next time.

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