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Poteryamesta2015 Sun 14-Feb-16 18:16:34

Hello again,
Any advice welcome on what products (natural) you recommend to "iron"out and rejuvenate facial skin. Having lost a lot of weight since June i'm now really aware of the wrinkle problem (and feeling a bit like my face has changed with the excess skin there too).
I can't use anything chemical or hormonal for medical reasons.
Am trying pure bio Argan oil but not finding it very effective.
Any suggestions ?

Kennington Sun 14-Feb-16 20:26:16

I would try out a few different oils eg grapeseed or almond, plus some mineral water spray and hyluronic acid - this is naturally occurring if you don't like additives.
Plus glycerine based face masks are fantastic done at night

ontherightpath Sun 14-Feb-16 20:46:06

Could you try supplements? I've found they are very helpful, although the results aren't seen for a few months so you have to perservere. Krill oil is fantastic and has made a noticeable improvement to under eye lines/crepeyness and general skin condition. I take the krill along with perfectil and evening primrose oil and have seen more improvement over the past year with these supplements than any cream has ever managed.

Poteryamesta2015 Mon 15-Feb-16 09:29:16

That's a lot of great ideas for me to start off on, thanks very much.

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