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Oh crap, 80% off shoes plus free delivery this weekend - help me!!!

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PacificDogwod Sun 14-Feb-16 16:51:11


I really do not need any shoes, I don't.

But look!

It would be rude not to, wouldn't it?

I am looking for some codependent enablers here <defiant>

SoupDragon Sun 14-Feb-16 16:52:37

You need to be prepared in case you grow an extra pair of feet.

SoupDragon Sun 14-Feb-16 16:52:52

Think of it as prepping.

Didiusfalco Sun 14-Feb-16 16:55:56

oh crap! Im on the no spend thread - do i have the willpower not to click on that link??... i dont think i do...blush

kickassangel Sun 14-Feb-16 16:56:37

OK - yes, shoes don't go off and some of those won't go out of fashion for decades BUT

Do you know if those shoes will fit you? I never buy shoes online as I find even the same make can vary hugely and be hard to know what size to get. If you can afford to order many, and return those that don't fit, then give yourself a budget and go for it.

I'd buy about half the ine west stuff if I lived in the UK.

Thornrose Sun 14-Feb-16 16:57:40

Buy buy buy. grin

PacificDogwod Sun 14-Feb-16 17:00:27

For the spring

School run

For work

Just because. Or maybe in tan?

<credit card twitches>

PacificDogwod Sun 14-Feb-16 17:03:10

FREEDEL gives free delivery <whistles innocently>
Just sayin'… no free returns though

kickassangel, I buy shoes online a lot - usually cheap as chips on ebay, but find fit not too big a problem tbh. But yes, sometimes they do go back - or the ebay ones go back on ebay or the charity bag

I may well not buy any of them, but, my, I enjoy looking!

Those sandals I do rather like…. hm.

kickassangel Sun 14-Feb-16 17:05:29

No idea when I would wear them, but they'd look pretty and I could stroke them gently

I would probably wear these to death, particularly if I got proper treads put on them for the snow round here

PacificDogwod Sun 14-Feb-16 17:08:51

Yer my kinda woman, kissass grin

Right. I'm off to walk the dog as he is 'helping' me type just now hmm
I'll see if distraction helps me to not indulge my baser shoe buying impulses.

kickassangel Sun 14-Feb-16 17:10:05

btw - I am also tempted by two of your choices, but I always get blisters from sandals, so would just try them on in a store, prance about a bit then leave them behind. I've bought too many shoes, thinking that somehow I could break them in, only to throw them out after stubbornly wearing them until my feet were bleeding and scarred. There was even one unfortunate incident with an infected sore.

Now that I'm older and wiser I just buy those shoes and keep them in my closet. They come out as 'restaurant shoes' only. Or I wear them around the house and dance when everyone else is out.

DavetheCat2001 Sun 14-Feb-16 17:41:51

wow some billy bargains on there.

I have just been FORCED to buy these:

I got an extra 15% off with a promo code so got them for £7.60!

I don't need them at all but hey....

SlinkyVagabond Sun 14-Feb-16 17:51:48

No, not at all tempted. --didn't just buy two lovely pairs of boots from Aldo--really, really lovely boots.

PacificDogwod Sun 14-Feb-16 18:02:52

Dave, that how I got sucked in, with their 'sign up to our newsletter and get 15% off' chat grin

<ignores Slinky totally> but only AFTER she had clicked that link

I luffs shoes. They always fit independent from what the scales/my waist band tell me….

Destinysdaughter Sun 14-Feb-16 18:24:47

I love shoes/boots too! Got about 50 pairs ( my theory is, the more shoes you have, the longer they last as you don't wear them out! smile )

Also agree that it's easy to buy shoes as your feet don't generally get fat even if you've put in a few pounds.

Same goes for jewellery.

Well that's my justification and I'm sticking to it!

PolovesTubbyCustard Sun 14-Feb-16 20:17:50

The Kurt Geiger boots look nice.

Am funny with shoes though
Anyone know bow they fit? I have quite wide feet and like to be comfortable.

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