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Liquid Gold causing breakouts?

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CremeDeSudo Sun 14-Feb-16 08:32:37

Anyone else get this?

I'm on my second bottle. Loved the first one. I bought this one in November and every time I've used it I've broken out in spots quite badly but I don't know why! It's making me sad as it was a wonder product previously and now it's wasted money sad

Has something changed in the ingredients? Is it the weather and if I use it when it's warmer again it'll be fine? not that I'm clutching at straws or anything

Tisgrand Sun 14-Feb-16 10:05:51

I threw half a bottle of this out yesterday. The last two times I used it it made me crazily itchy. I didnt realise what was happening the first time, but after Friday night when I had to get up and wash it off my face I realised it must be some sort of allergic reaction. There was no rash but it felt like thousands of ants running all over my face.

mintbiscuit Sun 14-Feb-16 10:25:15

How many times a week are you using? What was the frequency of usage with the first bottle?

Do you breakout in places you would normally breakout? Or are the breakouts in new places?

What are the breakouts like? Lots of small bumps, or white heads, or big painful spots (pustules/papules)?

Any other skin issues at the moment? Eg. Dry skin, red/irritated skin, skin more sensitive to other products...

Trying to work out if it's over exfoliation, purging or you have developed an intolerance to it (which can happen).

CremeDeSudo Sun 14-Feb-16 11:44:48

Thanks for replying..

I was using it weekly. Stopped for a few weeks until I ordered a replacement bottle, tried to resume weekly again but it's been less frequent due to the breakouts. Had to go back to bland basic other products and this seemed to help clear my skin back up again. I haven't changed anything about my routine before this.

Appearing mostly in places I've had spots before. Some are small pimples, some are larger ones under the skin. Had the odd white head too. Mostly they're red lumps though.

I don't think there's been any issues other then those post LG use! sad

mintbiscuit Sun 14-Feb-16 12:59:07

Hm... well it's not over exfoliation! It doesn't sould like a reaction either as the pores sound like they are clogged.

It could be purging but it could also be a coincidence. Or it could be that your skin barrier has been disrupted/damaged which can lead to breakouts (winter can play havoc with my skin). Are you finding that your skin is drier or oilier than usual? Or that you are finding some of your usual skin care products are tingling/irritating your skin at all?

I would work on babying your skin so it's hydrated and back to normal. Then you could slowly introduce LG back in but perhaps only on one half of your face to see if it is definitely the LG.

CremeDeSudo Sun 14-Feb-16 15:05:56

I think maybe it's drier than usual..perhaps! I've never experienced dry skin Really though, I'm usually oily!

How long d'you reckon with the babying? I've been trying that approach but the LG seems to start it off again!

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