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Dress me for my besties wedding

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mamacasshadahairyass Sat 13-Feb-16 21:20:19

My friend is getting married in 7 months. I need inspiration for aomething to wear, as Im usually a casual/ rock chick sort of style. I want to look glossy, not mumsy/frumpy/matronlyetc. So no Boden, Phase Eight, Jaeger etc. as thats how those brands make me feel (yet seem to look fab on everyone else). Where can I find a dress that will make me look glossy but a bit edgy? Budget up to 250 to include shoes & bag. Preferably not 100% polyester. Im 5'6", size 10-12 cursed with excessive norkage aged mid forties. I dont like Coast or Karen Millen either but other than that, Im not too fussy ...

Avpixie27 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:27:21

Have you tried going around debenhams and looking at each department, i looked at everything from quiz to wallis. They have some really nice yet elegant wedding event dresses atm

Donge13 Sat 13-Feb-16 21:35:49

Any particular colour or style op? Sleeves, maxi or midi?

DianaT1969 Sat 13-Feb-16 23:43:20

Reiss, Whistles, All Saints. Possibly worth visiting Harvey Nicks or Fenwick Bond St if you are near London. Budget may not be quite enough, but Armani Exchange on Regent St.

Nowwhyareyoucrying Sat 13-Feb-16 23:52:47

I stumbled across these today....I think they are luffley! Although quite a few are black so I'm not sure if they would be wedding suitable. But they are definitely edgy!

mamacasshadahairyass Sun 14-Feb-16 09:25:48

Im about 300 miles from London, DianaT (but at least there's Selfridges and Harvey Nicks in Manchester). In a former life I wore Reiss and Whistles for workwear, so I tend to associate them with that. Plus I find they arent accommodating of norkage.

nowwhyareyoucrying That's more like it, thanks! Ive ordered the red swing dress with the trim to try.

Kirriemuir Sun 14-Feb-16 09:39:36

I'd book myself into John Lewis with a personal shopper. They will find you something.

everythingsgoingsouth Sun 14-Feb-16 10:19:55

oh I do like that swing dress! Will you come and let us now how the fit is please?

burnishedsilver Sun 14-Feb-16 10:47:10

I think you might be doing yourself a disservice by discounting so many brands. Sometimes you can find what you are looking for in where you leaset expect it. If you want to get shoes an a bag too, the budget for the dress isn't generous. Consider individual pieces, regardless of the brand.

burnishedsilver Sun 14-Feb-16 10:55:33

The red swing dress is lovely from a distance but look at the arm that she is holding out. There is a massive sweat patch under the arm! It doesnt say what the fabric is but I'm guessiing its not breathable. Yuck.

Nowwhyareyoucrying Sun 14-Feb-16 11:09:07

She is a bit sweaty but she's also probably standing under a gazillion studio lights. I'm not sure OP will be.

I just love the I Love You dress and am trying to come up with a good enough excuse to buy

VioletWillow Sun 14-Feb-16 14:50:45

Have you looked at Pepperberry? Good dresses for norkage... And they have a store in Manchester too

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