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if you have hudson horrigans, what colour do you have and what do you wear them with?

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keeponkeepinon Sat 13-Feb-16 19:55:35

I've just got some brown horrigans. I didn't expect to like them but I sort oflove them.
They are a beautiful colour but I never go barelegged so wondering, if I wanted to wear them with tights and skirts, should I get black? Or are they a bit too casual for dressing up anyway? Btw I'm usually wary of black boots, they're a bit formal fir me, but I want some to wear with skirts. Should I just stick with the brown, does the black work in this style?
Also, do they give in size a bit or not? These are a bit snug but last pair available and I had gift vouchers to use

FLAMBOLA Sun 14-Feb-16 00:15:07

I have them in black and I wear them with everything. I must admit though, mine are also a bit snug and they haven't loosened up yet so are still quite uncomfortable.

I might get some stretchy spray or something.

I do love them though.

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