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Can you look at my pic and tell me if I'm cool or warm toned?

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GameofSoldiers Sat 13-Feb-16 17:51:10

I'm so confused! Veins on inner wrist look green I think, some purple maybe? Eyes green but my mum says they're grey. I wear silver jewellery but I think that's just habit. Clinique lady told me years ago I was neutral and MAC said I was NC15. I just can't decide if I'm cool or warm toned. Can anyone tell just from this photo?

Tate15 Sat 13-Feb-16 17:59:58

You look in the middle to me!

Love your eyes! And they are green!

RoganJosh Sat 13-Feb-16 18:01:27

Have you got some colour on your eyebrows? They look warmer than the rest of you. I'd say cool except your eyebrows.

FrustratedFrugal Sat 13-Feb-16 18:02:44

Your skintone and coloring looks a lot like mine, I have green/purple veins too and am pale. I'm neutral, perhaps slightly on the cool side, but cool/warm does not really capture me as I can wear both. I have gray green eyes with warm brown rust flecks (do your eyes change color depending on what you wear - mine do). I had my colors done, I was light summer in color analysis but can wear soft summer and light spring colors too, and my eye color is from the autumn palette. I had both silver and gold on my swatches. The most important thing I took away from it was that I am low-contast and look best in relatively muted colors - soft whites and creams, denim blues, mid grays, taupes and olive greens.

Whycantweallgetalong Sat 13-Feb-16 18:02:47

I think you're in between and could go for either i.e warm or cold depending on how you feel.

WileHallion Sat 13-Feb-16 18:04:33

It's not a case of one or the other y'know?

You look neutral to me.

Which can make buying foundation a ball-ache as brands can often run very pink or very yellow.

feckthemall Sat 13-Feb-16 18:09:39

Can you remove a pic after you have posted on here? Op no help to you as I am clueless. You are very pretty though!

GameofSoldiers Sat 13-Feb-16 18:11:20

Thanks for replying. RoganJosh I have got NYX brow mousse in blonde on my eyebrows. Which looks cool in the pot. Hmmm. Also wearing blusher. Don't think I'm brave enough to post a make up free pic.

GameofSoldiers Sat 13-Feb-16 18:16:02

Frustrated I don't think they change colour. And I'm not even sure which colours suit me! Thinking of the stuff in my wardrobe, I wear black, white, maroon, hot pink, mid to dark blue. No yellow and I don't like pastels.

Feckthemall thank you! Not sure about pic being removable. I was nervous so I name changed though grin

feckthemall Sat 13-Feb-16 18:17:55

Name change is no use to me if someone recognises me lo

absolutelynotfabulous Sat 13-Feb-16 18:19:08

I'd say cool; I'd agree with your mum that your eyes are grey.

feckthemall Sat 13-Feb-16 18:21:47


Mamia15 Sat 13-Feb-16 20:16:52

Your whole colouring looks muted rather than clear and that black top does you no favours so I think you could be either a summer or autumn. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and see how you look with warm tones and cool tones.

However, its very hard to tell from photos as it all depends on the lighting/flash etc.

Or better still get a HoC consultation - it will save you loads of time and money...

Doobigetta Sat 13-Feb-16 20:21:37

You look cool-toned to me. There's quite a lot of pink in your skin, and your eyes are definitely greyish. I think you're probably some kind of Summer.

MrTCakes Sat 13-Feb-16 20:35:44

I would say cool toned.

PollyPerky Sat 13-Feb-16 20:50:11

I think this vein colour is bollocks tbh. I have never seen anyone with green veins.

You look cool to me- your skin has a very pink tone and I can't see you wearing olives, yellow and browns that go with a warm complexion.

I can see you in pale pink, cool blues, violet etc.

You do look very young though smile or is that smile

ThisFenceIsComfy Sat 13-Feb-16 20:54:09

I'm not sure but you are very pretty!

ThisFenceIsComfy Sat 13-Feb-16 20:54:39

Meant in a kind way, not in a creepy Internet stalker way

GameofSoldiers Sat 13-Feb-16 21:02:31

grin thank you Fence

Polly I just turned 40 <beams with pride>

PollyPerky Sat 13-Feb-16 21:05:03

You look about 18 smile

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