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No idea where to start

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t1mum Sat 13-Feb-16 16:25:16

I know this has been done 100 times but I feel like I've been hidden in a cave for 10 years and have no idea what people wear these days. I'm overweight (5 8, size 18) with big boobs and a post baby tummy that hasn't shifted. I used to be an hourglass size 14 and knew how to make that work for me. Then it was Boden/Fat Face etc for a few years. But now I have not a clue what to wear. I've been wearing a lot of slightly ethnic blouses from East with skinny jeans, but I'm getting sick of that. I'm a SAHP most of the time, but I don't really do "casual" - I like blazers or tailored coats.

Can anyone help me? Style inspiration/shops/brands/websites etc.

Further info - I have long brown hair and green eyes and I'm looking to buy mid-range stuff.

Thank you!

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