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Is it too late?

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Philoshite Fri 12-Feb-16 20:53:56

I'm 38 and my face needs some attention.
I literally just wash and moisturise with spf 25 lotion every day. I don't have spots and my skin is clear and even but I have a sid james forehead and can now see I need to treat my face with a bit more care. I have oily forehead and nose and chin and but cheeks aren't too dry.. I don't wear foundation only eye makeup as I don't really need it.
So where do I start? I don't want to spend alot and I quite like Avon so any products that I need? I had a fake tan recently and I looked so much healthier so wonder if I just ought to keep tanned?

elotrolado Fri 12-Feb-16 22:41:09

Hot cloth cleanser every day (Liz Earle is great but Superdrug do one that's equally as good and much cheaper)

Exfoliate - St Ives is great for this, really granular - gives you a nice glow.

A decent moisturising dry oil or serum wouldn't go amiss. Try Nuxe - it's a great all-rounder. Or serum - I find Olay products pretty good.

.. All reasonably priced!

Philoshite Sun 14-Feb-16 21:53:17

Thank you..

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 14-Feb-16 21:56:47

I look less of corpse with a tan (but it won't happen IRL) , I bought some St Tropez bronzing powder, huge difference.
Just a light touch though, Casper to Towie is just one too many sweeps apart.

Leviticus Sun 14-Feb-16 22:31:19

Hell no it's not too late!

A decent cleansing routine - have a google for Sali Hughes' advice - will make a difference as will some decent, well applied make up. I don't know what Avon's like but I think it's worth spending a bit more on a quality foundation or tinted moisturiser to give you nice, even toned skin. They don't need to be mask-like. Nars and Laura Mercier are lovely and worth the money because of how fine textured and glowy-looking they are.

Philoshite Sun 14-Feb-16 22:38:44

Should I exfoliate every day?
Can you give me a routine I could follow.. I am so very slack with my poor face, it doesn't get much attention at all!!

Leviticus Sun 14-Feb-16 23:36:02

Well I'd acid tone to exfoliate. I use Nip and Fab glycolic fix pads, Clinique clarifying lotion and Clarins gentle exfoliator on rotation at night and think it really smooths my skin and helps my night cream/oil soak in better. But really it's worth looking at some blogs online for suggestions - I like Sali and Caroline Hirons but take their advice for technique as well as products as some of the stuff they recommend is £££.

Philoshite Mon 15-Feb-16 05:31:51

Great thanks

tigerdog Mon 15-Feb-16 06:08:06

Another one for acid toning here - have had much clearer and smoother skin since I started doing it. I like pixi glow at the moment (got it at 20% off in M&S when they were doing a voucher that included beauty) but I also use nip and fab pads.

My routine is: hot cloth cleanser (Liz Earle), acid tone, eye cream, serum, moisturiser. Depending on how much I can afford, I either use the so called premium brands stocked in Boots (Avene or Roche-posay when they're 3 for 2) or I splash out on something else a bit more pricey. I like Caroline Hirons for product reviews and tips too. In the evening I oil cleanse with a homemade mix of caster oil and avocado train and use micellar water to make sure all my make up is gone. I'll switch to Estée Lauder advanced night repair and a heavier moisturiser/night cream.

This routine seems to work well for me, I'm 35 and have dry combination skin. I can't survive without foundation so as a minimum I would need a good bb/cc cream to even out skin tone!

Philoshite Tue 16-Feb-16 14:29:34

Have been looking at all.the products.. Can I also ask about an eye cream? So many to choose from!! Any lower price ones worth a try as I don't know if cream or gel would be better so probably need to try a few

Ratbagcatbag Tue 16-Feb-16 14:34:03

Watching with interest. I only cleanse at night with Clinique take the day off and then use either Lancôme night or day cream. Nothing else and no make up either. Hmmmmm.

Philoshite Tue 16-Feb-16 15:39:10

It's a whole new world to me!! Am still fairly overwhelmed but have a few ideas now. Just can't afford to spend a fortune so hoping I'll find some gems

Ratbagcatbag Tue 16-Feb-16 17:38:33

Same here philoshite. Maybe we should report back on what we've tried. smile I think I may treat myself to the Liz Earle hot cloth cleansing. Do I just use hot water and the stuff (no idea). Once o have this sorted I've asked for a mac makeup lesson for Mother's Day too. smile

Leviticus Tue 16-Feb-16 17:46:14

I don't use a separate eye cream. I don't see what it will do that my day/night cream won't.

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