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Just gave myself a homemade hamam scrub

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FreeButtonBee Fri 12-Feb-16 19:19:17

And my skin is soooo soft

I lay in the bath for 15 mins with some lovely bath oils. Then using dry scrubby nylon gloves (the dry bit is crucial) I attacked myself. Couldn't do my back properly but gave it a good go otherwise. Back into the water to rinse off and did another go. Then under the shower for a final go with shower gel on the gloves. Lovely tingly pink skin. Whacked on a load of lovely body oil and some moisturiser on the dry patches.

Woke up to gorgeous skin. I'm going to do this religiously every week. It was great.

Not as good as the proper fat old lady in the hamam in Istanbul but a close second. The bottom of the bath however [barf]

ConesOfDunshire Fri 12-Feb-16 21:58:52

So - in and out of bath between scrubs, then under shower for final rinse?

FreeButtonBee Sat 13-Feb-16 09:06:50

I just stood in the bath on the icky kiddo bath mat for safety and lifted the relevant leg. My shower is over the bath too so was easy to fire it on for a final rinse. Believe you don't want to do it in the bath water after. Gross.

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