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How do you keep some colour from fake tan when you use daily micro foliant?

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wonderingwandering Thu 11-Feb-16 16:10:16

I rely on applying a gradual tan to my face daily to make me look not corpse-like. As you can imagine over the years this has given me problems with blackheads in my nose (although I've heard they're called something else and are not actually black heads.) to combat this I bought the dermalogica microfoliant with the salicylic acid component. Of course this has worked wonders on the blackheads, but it wipes out the bit of colour I have every morning.

How can I combine the two and get a blackhead free nose but keep the colour? Should I be apying the gradual tan after the microfoliant?

wonderingwandering Thu 11-Feb-16 17:04:05


maybemyrtle Thu 11-Feb-16 18:38:38

Yes, you could definitely apply the grad tan after the microfoliant.

Are you just using the microfoliant on your nose ? If so you will always end up with lighter skin there. Sorry if I've misunderstood!

wonderingwandering Thu 11-Feb-16 19:56:38

I'm putting the microfoliant all over, but I suppose I could just put it on my nose. I have some blackheads on my chin too, so I suppose I need to apply there as well.

Wouldn't the gradual tan just make the pores fill up with tinting stuff again? Or do the pores close after you put the microfoliant on?

maybemyrtle Thu 11-Feb-16 20:39:19

Could you use the microfoliant at night and apply the grad tan in the morning?

The pores don't really open or close form what I understand. I think the tanner reacts with the filaments and stains the top, but am not an expert, clearly. You could try letting the microfoliant work overnight then the grad tanner can have the daytime. How long does your grad tanner take to show up? I use the Clarins drops and have a glow by lunchtime if I use in the morning.

Love2dance Fri 12-Feb-16 12:53:17

Great question OP. I use Retin A (at night) which has a micro exfoliating effect. Fake tan just flakes off and looks awful which is shite because I too look sallow and corpse like now that I protect my face from the sun. Is it worth changing your facial tanner for a non-comedogenic one so you don't have to exfoliate as much?

I hunted around for some and the two best 2 I found were Bare Minerals faux tan face and St Tropez self tan bronzing lotion for face. I hardly use them as they get exfoliated very quickly, but used in the morning they give a little colour (St Trop slightly more). Sadly, the days of being able to build up the fake tan on the face over a few days are gone for me, as long as I keep using the Retin A (a must to keep my hyperpigmentation patches at bay).
I like the sound of the Clarins drops maybemyrtle. I have had the Sisley face tan recommended to me but waaay over my budget I'm afraid.

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