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Olay Regenerist Illuminating serum

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LadyPriggsbottom Thu 11-Feb-16 11:35:16

I picked this up in Boots yesterday in a bit of a hurry. I actually meant to get the protect and perfect serum but they only had giant bottles which were £££. I grabbed this as it said 'skin tone perfecting' or something in the front and I have skin prone to redness. Read the back and it is actually for age spots which makes me think it is maybe intended for a different skin type than mine. I'm 32 so not a baby but don't have age spots yet.

Anyway, apologies for vague rambling, but my point is, does anyone know if this will actually end up damaging my skin rather than helping? I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you use anti-aging products on younger skin you can end up causing more harm than good.

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