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Plantur 39 v OGX caffeine

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quail Thu 11-Feb-16 09:57:03

I've been using Plantur 39 for about a year now and I sort of think it probably does do something, and I'm 43 and I don't want to risk giving it up now and having all my hair fall out the next day. But it's so expensive and sort of horrible, it makes your hair very straw-y and I use it with another shampoo at the same time just to get a nice lather.

So OGX, those people who do all sorts of different colour squashed-teardrop shaped bottles, have their own caffeine shampoo, and it's cheaper. It's £7 for 350ish ml compared with Plantur's £9 for 250ml. And it uses a better foaming agent, it's one of those other ones, whereas Plantur is SLS. I've bought it and it has that fresh tingly smell, which is a little bit horrible and Plantur is more of a neutral odourless thing. Looking at the ingredients the caffeine is about as far down the list as the Plantur one.

I guess what I want to know is, is there any reason it shouldn't do exactly the same thing? Caffeine is caffeine, right? I would like a science person to just tell me that caffeine is caffeine, and I suppose what I don't want to know is that Plantur does special things with the caffeine to make it absorb better, also that ingredient order can't really tell you much about quantities.

What I really don't want to know: it's all snake oil, moron.

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