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bra advice for reconstructive surgery

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penelopewellingdon Tue 09-Feb-16 20:37:58

I had a mastectomy last year and I'm due in for reconstruction next month. As my remaining breast is large, the surgeon may do a reduction at the same time, but only if time allows. They won't be able to make a reconstructed breast that's as big as my existing one. So I will come out with boobs that are not the same size, and might be as much as 5 cup sizes apart.

I've been told I have to wear a soft but supportive bra 24 hrs a day for a few months, and the suggestion is to get few cheap sports bras.

Anyone got any ideas about how to resolve the size problem?

I measure 32 round the ribs, and my remaining boob is a G cup at the moment. I literally have no idea what size I will be after the op. I can't think how to support my new small breast whilst fitting my large breast in as well, and both sides might be healing and needing gentle bra pressure.

vic1981 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:52:22

Hi, I wondered about a surgical bra from Macom? Such as the Macom signature bra? Offers gentle compression, and you buy by the band size (32 is available) and it is expandable, so cups can mould to your new size. So could accommodate different sizes? Not cheap, but could also get them on eBay ... Maybe worth a try?

Good luck, am almost six weeks on from a preventative double mastectomy with implant reconstruction!

vic1981 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:54:29

Alternatively, look at the Asda post surgery bra (£8!)

penelopewellingdon Tue 09-Feb-16 22:25:57

thanks Vicom, I hadn't come across Macom.

My advice leaflet says to get a back fastening bra, the Macoms are front fastening...I will email the support nurses to ask about this.

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