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Oscars Luncheon

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WipsGlitter Tue 09-Feb-16 09:02:38

Some really nice dresses here - Hannah Bagshaw looks great as does Alicia Vikander - love her shoes!

Also love that Sylvester Stallone has his name badge on in case no-one recognises him!!

CrystalMcPistol Tue 09-Feb-16 11:53:06

I clicked on this thinking you were going to the Oscars' lunch grin

But having looked at the photos, Jennifer Lawrence's trousers are too long! (also she really does not warrant 4 Oscar nominations in 5 years)

I love Rachel McAdams but that dress is a bit odd, the high neckline doesn't flatter her.

Lady Gaga, how much surgery has she had in the past few years!?

Jennifer Jaon Leigh looks lovely. But unrecognisable, her face has changed!

Alicia Vikander looks gorgeous. Lovely and fresh.

As for Sylvester...............ummm........well.......

WileHallion Tue 09-Feb-16 11:59:47

Love the back of Gaga's dress. And her face smile.

Can't get excited about anyone else. Vikander's dress is boring, Rachel McAdam's is too twee and short, Brie Larson looks a state and Jennifer Lawrence's trouser suit is messy (why are trousers apparently so difficult to fit on famous women - they always seem to be baggy and far too long confused).

WipsGlitter Tue 09-Feb-16 12:20:55

I wonder that about the long trousers too - is it because they have to give them back do you think?

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