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Pretty woman dress hunt

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Reetabiscuiteater Mon 08-Feb-16 21:04:07

Hoping someone may be able to help me (on behalf of my mother). She would like to find a dress like the one Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman to my sister's wedding later this year. I hope the picture works. Any ideas where we can look?

AuntieStella Mon 08-Feb-16 21:16:53

That looks like the sort of thing that companies like Escada and Celine were producing in the 1980s. I'll have a Google and see if there's anywhere selling secondhand, or perhaps 'inspired by'

marriednotdead Mon 08-Feb-16 21:21:02

I think that unless you get a lucky vintage find, it would be easier to get one made for her.

I tried looking at 80s power dresses and came up with one on Etsy.

marriednotdead Mon 08-Feb-16 21:21:53

Sorry, link

Seeyounearertime Mon 08-Feb-16 21:22:06


not identical but almost.

Reetabiscuiteater Mon 08-Feb-16 21:22:35

We were wondering whether she would have to get one made. Link didn't work for me I'm afraid. All assistance appreciated.

Reetabiscuiteater Mon 08-Feb-16 21:24:15

The etsy one looks the right shape definitely.

AuntieStella Mon 08-Feb-16 21:28:42

What size is she? What colours might she like?

And does it have to be a dress? Because this Escada suit on ebay definitely has the same vibe.

Reetabiscuiteater Mon 08-Feb-16 21:31:12

She is a 10 with a tiny waist. Not sure what colours she wants. We are not allowed to wear black. Have sent her the link to the thread to follow but she is not a mumsnetter so can't reply.

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