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Need to replace my wedding ring - suggestions of where to shop for something a little different

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handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:21:36

I had a platinum eternity ring from Mappin and Webb for my wedding ring 7 years ago. It cost circa ?1500 so not very expensive but not Christmas cracker giveaway either. Over the years it has shed no less than 3 diamonds

With dh's blessing I am replacing it. High street jewellery stores in "the Provinces" do not do it for me...but I am not looking for too quirky uber fashionable or alternativey either.

Quite like the one below, but would like some more options to choose from. Don't wish to spend more than ?3K.

Any suggestions?

this one is quite appealing

WideWebWitch Wed 27-Dec-06 19:22:47

Diana Porter?

WideWebWitch Wed 27-Dec-06 19:23:49

Although personally I can't stand her rings that say "and on and on and on" because they just make me imagine dh saying "and she went on and on and on about x until I was forced to give in" or some such thing.

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:25:23

Thanks I knew the sassy londoners amongst you would have some ideas...

Gingerbear Wed 27-Dec-06 19:26:35

mine is from here
probably not your thing at all.

WideWebWitch Wed 27-Dec-06 19:28:12

Theo Fennel although is expensive, haven't looked to see if there's anything in price range

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:31:20

Actually I do like them Gingerbear but they are not quite me....

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:33:09

Gulp they are expensive, but they are fantastic...I wonder.....[deeply longing emoticon]

taylormama Wed 27-Dec-06 19:34:33

try - excellent stuff - made me a lovely necklace when i had DS - amazing quality gems too ...

batters Wed 27-Dec-06 19:34:50

Dp bought me the most fab gold and platinum wedding ring from David Ashton jewellers, in Gabriel's Wharf. I helped design it.

There were a lot of diamond rings in the shop when I visited .

This Xmas he gave me some lovely emerald and gold earrings from the same place .

motherinfurrierfestivefrock Wed 27-Dec-06 19:36:56

Er...batters, you're married???

danceswithreindeer Wed 27-Dec-06 19:37:42

Ok, now you knew someone was going to say this, it might as well be me...


How about giving £2k to cancer research and buying something that's still heavenly for £1k?!

Obviously I'm a tincy bit jealous you can afford to spend £3k on a ring but really....£3k on a ring

mrspink27 Wed 27-Dec-06 19:37:43

e c one is where mine came from and Jos is fantastic. He will make whatever you want or atleast assist in the design process. His wife does the stones and he does the metal I think.

batters Wed 27-Dec-06 19:38:15

nah but the ring I wear does look remarkably like a wedding ring, MI !!

Well it is gold and sparkly and stuff and who am I to say no to a nice bit of jewellery?!

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:39:02

David Ashton!!!!! I saw some of his rings in a glossy mag a few years back and really liked them, and made a mental note of his name. I tried to google him earlier to see if there was a website but couldn't find one.

Maybe should wait until Feb - I am in London for the weekend then...

DingDongDraculaOnHigh Wed 27-Dec-06 19:39:28

God that Diana Porter thing that starts
it's about women and assertiveness

should be in pseuds corner!

I would go and wander round Hatton Garden you will get something for half the price there and loads of amazing shops

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:40:22

It's my replacement wedding ring reindeer and I don't have an engagement ring, so I don't think it is excessive

taylormama Wed 27-Dec-06 19:40:35

if you are going to London you have got to go to Hatton Garden then - you will be able to buy direct, save quite a bit and design something fab ... <<sigh i love diamonds>>

batters Wed 27-Dec-06 19:41:38

hmc if you google gabriel's wharf and then follow the link to the shops, the jewellers is there.

Also (not trying to influence you here) the service is fab. As well it should be!

Dd most impressed about being locked into a shop....

DingDongDraculaOnHigh Wed 27-Dec-06 19:42:27

dh alwyas gets stuff for me from Hatton Garden it really is fab

taylormama Wed 27-Dec-06 19:42:32

gabriel's wharf is fab i have to agree - my friend has some beautiful earrings from there ...

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:46:45

oooh pretty

hoxtonchick Wed 27-Dec-06 19:48:09

i think the original one you linked to was the nicest .

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Dec-06 19:48:32

So does dh!

andaSOAPBOXinapeartree Wed 27-Dec-06 19:50:43


I got my engagement and wedding rings and earings and other jewellery from there - tis very nice

David Ashton is very good too - have drooled at the window many a times

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