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Casual outfits to flatter a serious tummy

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OvertiredandConfused Sun 07-Feb-16 22:05:49

So, I lost 4.5st four years ago and went from a size 20 to a size 12. For various reasons, some related to lack of self control but some genuinely medical, I've regained about 2st and am now a 14-16. It's almost all around my tummy (I look 6 months pregnant).

Life is very stressful - work and health - right now and I'm about to embark on a treatment regime that will cause me to gain more weight (although if I'm sensible it will also go again within a month or so of finishing treatment). On top of that, I have some mobility issues and have had to ditch my beloved heels.

With this in mind, I'm trying to be kind to myself and not worry about loosing the excess weight until I come out the other side. I have my hair and nails done regularly and always wear some make-up. But the big challenge is finding some clothes that don't make me feel hideous.

I'm especially struggling with trousers - I love skinnies with vests and shirts but I just look huge at the moment. What can I wear that won't make me feel old and frumpy?

I'm 46, 5' 10". Legs aren't too bad but I don't want to go much above the knee with dresses and skirts. Mid thigh is another no no. I feel so low when I look in the mirror.

OvertiredandConfused Mon 08-Feb-16 21:45:52


OldPossum Mon 08-Feb-16 21:56:24

Read your post - nothing clever to say but just wanted to send you a virtual hug. I am 5'9" and a 14/16 - it really isn't such a disaster. I got some good jeans, smart something, from Uniqlo which have quite a lot of structure to them - have a look. Be very kind to yourself - you'll come through whatever it is that's making you sad.

Soapmaker34 Mon 08-Feb-16 22:01:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Queenmarigold Mon 08-Feb-16 22:27:16

Have you tried pinafore dresses? It might sound silly but I word with someone who's an 18 and she looks great. She's all tummy.

OvertiredandConfused Mon 08-Feb-16 22:32:56

Thank you. I have some high waisted jeans but don't know what to wear with them!

I know I probably sound like I'm exaggerating but my stomach really is round, obvious, bloated and out of proportion. Makes me very self-conscious

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